(Clearwisdom.net) Prior to practicing Dafa in 1998, my health had gotten steadily worse. I went to all kinds of doctors, but nothing was able to help. One day a young woman introduced me to the practice of Falun Gong and gave me a copy of Zhuan Falun. I usually didn't like to read, but read the book Zhuan Falun word by word. I enjoyed it so much and could not put it down.

At that time the practice site showed one of Master's Fa lecture videos. I went to listen to it on the first day and went again the next day. When my husband came home from work in the evening and saw that I was not at home, he was angry and went looking for me. He became even angrier when he could not find me.

When I walked in the door after watching the video, my husband punched me and kicked me right in the face. The cassette player was smashed into pieces, and I was temporarily blinded. I thought to myself: how can I go to work tomorrow? My thoughts were turned around, and I remembered that Master said,

"If you endure it, your effort of practicing qigong today is not in vain."

"Because karma was there, she was helping him remove it. But he would not accept it and started a fight with her." (Zhuan Falun)

I could immediately see again. It was already after midnight. The next morning my husband got up and hit me again. I calmly persuaded him to cool down. Then I went to work. Later on, when I still wanted to go to the practice site, he brought up divorce. Master's words came to mind, "it is not permitted for you to get a divorce because of the practice." (Zhuan Falun)

I thought to myself, how could I handle this? This was the fourth day. A fire burned in my mind, and I started to work on him. I tried many ways, and finally he agreed to let me practice the Falun Gong exercises. After having read the nine Fa lectures, my body felt very light, and it was an indescribable feeling.

After that, my husband still interfered with me as before when I practiced the exercises. He often threw things and hit me, and went to the practice site to make trouble. In order to prevent me from cultivating, he found books that criticized qigong and gave them to me to read. I was not moved. I always remembered Master's teachings, "As long as you treat yourself as a practitioner, you can handle it properly." (Zhuan Falun)

Though many family difficulties came my way, I have overcome all of them.

Validating the Fa and overcoming difficult tribulations from my family

Since the CCP started the persecution in 1999, I have made truth clarification materials and video CDs, and distributed them to people. Once I brought the materials home, and my husband discovered them. He interrogated me like a prisoner and asked me where they came from. When I refused to answer, he beat me to the ground.

Right before the 2001 Chinese New Year, my company was about to give us a holiday break. I thought to myself, this is a good time to validate Dafa. At home my husband beat me severely again, and this repeated itself every day. After the staged Tiananmen Square self-immolation was publicized, he forced me to watch it.

I thought since Master has given me life, I should ask him to help take care of it. Once again my husband wanted to lay his hands on me in violence. When my righteous thoughts emerged, his arm hung down and his hands just stayed put. I immediately felt that Master was right in front of me!

Another night I was doing the exercises. My husband wanted to hit me again. I looked at him and said calmly, "You don't need to be like this any more. Tomorrow we'll go get papers filed for a divorce." As soon as I finished saying this, he turned around and walked away.

610 Office agents and the company branch monitor called me every day to harass me. This worsened my husband's actions towards me. When I returned from an out-of-town trip in April 2002, right after I came in the door, I was subjected to another brutal beating. From morning all the way to 5 o'clock in the afternoon, I endured the pain and told him not to act this way, but he didn't listen. At night he rested for a while, and then beat me again. He dragged me from the bed, pulled my hair, dragged me to the bathroom, and pushed me into the bathtub. He said he wanted to drown me. I thought I could no longer let him commit these sins. With this thought, my breathing became easier; my mouth puffed out very big, and I foamed at the mouth. He became afraid, helped me onto the sofa, and kept saying, "What happened? Let's go to the hospital. I won't hit you any more. If you want to practice, then go ahead and practice at home!"

In November 2005, when I was clarifying the facts and persuading people to withdraw from the CCP, someone brought a false charge against me. In the middle of the month, right after I began working, 610 Office agents arrived and seized me. They searched me and found some Falun Gong materials. Right after that, they rushed to my home to ransack it, and then took me to the detention center. My thoughts were righteous during the time I was detained. I kept sending righteous thoughts and clarified the truth to them. I was released after 10 days.

When I got back home, my husband completely forbade me to leave and cut off all of my contacts with the outside world. He didn't even allow me to read the book. The interference was even more severe than before. All my human attachments surfaced. Fellow practitioners were thinking of ways to help me, encouraged me, and passed me Master's articles. I increased my Fa study and asked myself, "Why do I have constant tribulations at home? What are the reasons?" I studied the Fa and discovered many attachments when I looked within. When I hold on to such strong attachments, how could it be possible to not have tribulations? Had I actually ever believed him to be someone who could be rescued? Isn't this wrong? I do not have sufficient compassion for him. I didn't think of him. He is a scholar and cares much about his reputation. He was very fearful and the persecution is so vicious, how could it be possible for him not to be afraid? He was also controlled by evil beings, which worsened his abuse. I should offer him salvation; that should be the right thing to do.

After that, I paid more attention to doing well at home regarding family matters. At the same time I constantly sent righteous thoughts to eliminate the evil beings and demons that controlled him. Finally, after experiencing 19 months of tribulations, I was free of the difficult situation at home and re-joined the powerful current of clarifying the facts and validating the Fa. I have since led my older sister and her three children to begin cultivation practice.

I sincerely thank Master for His compassionate and benevolent salvation that I am still able to persist in cultivation today.