(Clearwisdom.net) I used to have a happy family until a car accident in February of 1996 killed my husband and paralyzed me on my left side. I also suffered a cerebral hemorrhage which caused loss of control of my bowels and bladder, and problems with my eyes. I completely lost the ability to take care myself. I spent between seventy and eighty thousand yuan trying to treat my health problems, but to no avail. I lived miserably under the care of my siblings.

In October of 1997, I obtained the Fa at a friend's recommendation. I studied the Fa eagerly and started to understand principles that are beyond ordinary people's realm and the true meaning of life. My illnesses were all healed in less than two months and my mind was also broadened.

After the Chinese regime started the persecution against Falun Gong practitioners in July 20, 1999, I used my second life, which was given by Teacher, to clarify the truth to people. I went to the provincial government in Beijing to appeal for Falun Dafa. I formed a Fa-study group and actively participated in Dafa projects, including dispatching Teacher's articles/lectures and truth-clarification materials. I took the initiative to take responsibility and tried my best to walk well the Fa-rectification path

In September 2001, three fellow practitioners and I went to a remote mountain area to distribute truth-clarification materials. On the way there, we did a pretty good job. Wherever possible, we posted truth-clarification information on trees, electric poles, bridges, and street signs. We also left truth-clarification materials wherever possible. When we arrived at a village, many children had just gotten out of school so we gave the students truth-clarification materials to take home to read with their parents.

We went in groups of two. When we arrived at the fifth village, someone reported us to the police. We realized that there was something unusual when we were leaving, because many villagers were standing on the street watching us. One person asked us, "What are you two doing here?" He also told others that "Those are the ones." The fellow practitioner suggested that we start running, to which I said no. Teacher said, "...just by having your heart unaffected you will be able to handle all situations." ("Eliminate Your Last Attachment(s)" in Essentials for Further Advancement II) We sent forth righteous thoughts and headed toward a designated location that we had previously agreed upon. In order to avoid the police, we crawled in the ditches and crossed corn fields. We kept hearing the sounds made by the police when they rode past us on their motorcycles. We also heard people saying, "That's them." The fellow practitioner and I were not scared at all. When we passed by a school, we decided to go in to check if the other two fellow practitioners had left any truth-clarification material in the school. We did not find any sign of truth-clarification material, indicating that the other two fellow practitioners were still in danger. We hung banners, put up posters, and left some truth-clarification fliers in that school.

We were supposed to meet at a designated location, yet there was no sign of the other two practitioners when we got there. We suspected that something had gone wrong. The driver who took us there was a practitioner's son who had some understanding of Dafa. We later learned that the police had asked him earlier whether he had seen us or not, and that he had told the police that we had gone the other way. Later he took out the truth-clarification materials from the car and hid them near a big tree. He then went looking for us. We were touched by what the driver had done. Fellow practitioner A asked me if we should wait for the other practitioners or leave without them. After thinking about all the possibilities, I suggested that we leave first. The two of us cried and begged to Teacher to protect the other two practitioners and to let them return home as soon as possible. Fellow practitioner A and I returned home at 8 p.m. and with Teacher's protection two hours later the other two practitioners also returned home safely.

Having accumulated some preliminary experiences, later we did not feel difficulty in clarifying the truth or distributing the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party.

Clarifying the truth clearly is a mission Teacher has bestowed on Falun Dafa practitioners and is also something honorable and sacred. Teacher said, "Every person you come into contact with in society is someone to clarify the truth to, and what's manifest in clarifying the truth is Dafa disciples' mercy and their salvation of the world's people." ("To All Students at the Nordic Fa Conference" in Essentials for Further Advancement II)) My understanding is that when we clarify the truth we cannot deliberately make any distinction that a certain type of person can or cannot be saved. We should have a compassionate mind toward saving others and we should not care about people's occupation or age.

Whenever I clarify the truth to people, I have no fear, and I do it wholeheartedly. In particular, when I advise people to withdraw from the CCP and its affiliated organizations, I would try it once, twice, three times, or five times, making others see that I do it for their good. My thoughts of saving others are pure and simple, and I do not validate myself. It is a sense of responsibility and mission, and a sense of treasuring people's lives. I want to spread the good news of Dafa to everyone. I use every opportunity I have to advise people to quit the CCP and its affiliated organizations so that people can be saved by Dafa.

I enlightened that as Fa-rectification makes rapid progress, the Fa has higher and stricter requirements for us. As long as we have faith in Teacher and the Fa, change our selfish nature, and do the three things well to save sentient beings, as opposed to just seeking to achieve personal consummation or thinking about what we want to do or should do, we will be able to walk well on the Fa-rectification path. For instance, we send forth righteous thoughts to eliminate the evil, not for the sake of ourselves but for the sake of saving countless sentient beings. We negate the persecution basically not for ourselves, but to validate the beauty and dignity of Dafa so that we can save more people. We help fellow practitioners not for the sake of fellow practitioners' safety but to negate the old forces' arrangements so that more fellow practitioners can save more sentient beings. When there is conflict among practitioners, we do not think about who is right or wrong first, instead, we look inside ourselves and treat it as an attachment that should be eliminated and an opportunity to improve our xinxing. Instead of using human thoughts, we use divine thoughts and we consider the truth-clarification materials we make as Fa tools. When we distribute truth-clarification materials, instead of seeking to accomplish a task, we seek to save sentient beings. All in all, whatever we do, we first always have to check whether our thoughts are righteous--divine thoughts, and trouble will follow if we don't have divine thoughts.

The Fa-rectification is progressing at a faster speed and there's not much time left for us. From now on I will increase my efforts to study the Fa, cultivate away my attachments, and closely follow the Fa-rectification progress in order to save more sentient beings and fulfill my prehistoric vow.