(Clearwisdom.net) Since April 17 of this year, more than a dozen practitioners in Fushun City, Liaoning Province have been arrested. It is believed that they are being held at the Fushun City Detention Center. Many of them have gone on a hunger strike to counter the persecution. Further details are unknown at this time as police have not allowed any information about them to be released and have denied family visits. Police officers covered the practitioners' entire heads with black cloth bags when they arrested them.

The Guangming Police in the Wanghua District, and many other police as well as the National Security Division, participated in this large-scale arrest. It is said that the First Department of the Public Security Bureau and National Security police also participated in this arrest. We have also learned that the so-called legal cases of these Falun Gong practitioners have been transferred to the Wanghua District Public Security Bureau. Officials from the Pre-trial Division are responsible for the false accusations and arraignment of these practitioners. Many of these practitioners' families continue to go to Wanghua District Branch to call for the release of their loved ones. People at home and abroad, please support these practitioners. Let's work together to rescue them.

Reportedly, police ransacked the homes of Ms. Wang Hongxia, who has been a business woman for many years, and her sister, and a large number of personal belongings were taken away in a police car. Ms. Wang Hongxia was so severely beaten that she couldn't walk. The two sisters have been on a hunger strike to counter the persecution. Xiao Deng, Wang Hongxia's husband, was arrested too, but sent home because of his poor health.

Ms. Wang Xiaoli was arrested by police from the Fumin Police Station. Money reserved for her children's school fees was confiscated by the police when they ransacked her home. The police began choking Ms. Wang and beat her legs until they were swollen. The police have set up constant surveillance at her home for the last several days and her husband is not allowed to leave the premises.

Ms. Wang Li, more than 40 years old, made her living by selling batteries. All of her goods were taken away and confiscated by the police when she was arrested.

Mr. Gao Song was arrested and his home raided by the police. His father has passed away and his mother is in poor health. In addition, his younger brother is mentally impaired and dependent on others for care. After Mr. Gao was arrested, his mother and younger brother disappeared. No one is at home.

Dr. Zhu, who lives in Hedong District, Fushun City, was arrested and his home raided. Police confiscated many of his personal belongings, such as platinum necklaces, rings, cash, and a motorcycle.

Ms. Meng Yajuan was arrested by police from the Zhanqian Police Station who had been hiding out at her home. The police confiscated many personal belonging when they ransacked her home, including 300 yuan that was set aside for her child's schooling. Only later did Meng Yajuan return home. Ms. Zhang Xianglian was arrested by the Fumin police. Mr. Wang (surname), a teacher who lives on Liangzhan Street, was arrested by police from either the Zhanqian Police Station or the Fumin Police Station. Mr. Feng Kai was arrested by police from the Fumin Police Station. Police officers also arrested Mr. Wang Xiuguo and his wife, Zhang Xiangxia, Mr. Han, who lives in the Dongzhou District, Ms. Gao, who lives on Erdao Street, Wang Hongbin, who lives in the Dongzhou District, and a dozen other practitioners whose names are unknown.