(Clearwisdom.net) On June 22, 2009, the French "Quit the CCP" Service Center sponsored an assembly in Bellville, Paris, to support the 56 million people that have quit the CCP and its affiliated organizations. They also provided the Chinese living in Paris with services and consultation to help them quit.

The "Quit the CCP" Service Center in Bellville, Paris

The Falun Gong display board caught the attention of many Chinese passersby

Many Chinese gathered in Bellville over the weekend. Among the crowds on the busy street, programs broadcast by Sound of Hope International Radio could be heard calling on all the Chinese people who joined the CCP and its affiliated organizations to quit as early as possible for a bright future. The clear broadcast got the attention of people going in and out of the underground station, and they stopped to listen. Some of them asked for a copy of the Epoch Times or the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party. Thirty people declared that they wanted to quit the CCP and its affiliated organizations that weekend. A young Chinese man took a newspaper and said with joy, "I like to read the Epoch Times most of all."

Julien Luro, a handsome young Frenchman with golden hair and blue eyes, works with a "green food" market cooperative. He spent two years traveling in Asia by train, bus, and even on foot instead of by plane. He toured Yunnan and Sichuan Provinces in southwest China, and Tibet and Xinjiang as well. He carefully read through the display boards with full attention and then said to the reporter, "Falun Gong is a healthy practice for body and mind improvement. It's very positive and very good. The persecution and its severity are still unknown to a lot of people. To let people know the facts is very important."

After learning about the CCP's atrocities of organ harvesting from living Falun Gong practitioners for lucrative profits, he said, "It's really hard to accept how Falun Gong is being persecuted. But I am very glad to see you here. You as Chinese spreading the facts here in person is very effective and convincing. People will start to know the facts. Unfortunately, the CCP's brainwashing is very terrible and treacherous. I've met some Chinese people who have lived in France for many years, and they don't believe this--they always think that China is the best country with the best system. That's unbelievable, because people throughout the whole world know about the persecution, only some Chinese people don't know, and that is the result of the country's dictatorship. But, currently, people are gradually coming to realize that, like the Berlin Wall, the CCP will collapse one day. Hopefully, the day is coming soon."

In the end, he sighed with emotion, "You can only imagine how beautiful China would have been without the CCP and the Cultural Revolution."