(Clearwisdom.net) On April 25, 1999, "the April 25 Peaceful Appeal", carried out by some ten thousand Falun Gong practitioners, shocked people in China and abroad, thrusting Falun Gong onto the world stage. People around the world were amazed at the even-handed approach shown by Falun Gong. At the same time, the wicked CCP intensified its preparation for the overwhelming persecution to follow. At the very moment that the storm was brewing and black clouds pressed down from overhead, the Falun Gong practitioners in North America set up a website - Minghui/Clearwisdom.

The following year - on June 15, 2000, Master published a statement on Minghui/Clearwisdom. Master told everyone, "It is not that Minghui Net does not make mistakes, however, on important matters, practitioners watch the position of Minghui Net. The purpose of posting my photo and the article 'The Knowing Heart' on Minghui Net was to build a trustworthy website for practitioners."

Always available at one's finger tips, Minghui/Clearwisdom has operated for ten years, faithfully recording every little detail of Dafa practitioners at home and abroad in their journey of Fa-rectification cultivation - recording for history the great feat that the practitioners in Mainland China were so brave in facing the evil and upholding Dafa, the support from practitioners abroad, spreading the Fa and clarifying the truth, the start of the lawsuit, and the successful performance of Shen Yun. On this Dafa practitioners' own website, Minghui /Clearwisdom, we have truly recorded the righteous thoughts and actions that Dafa practitioners from every corner of the world have assisted Master in Fa-rectification and are saving sentient beings during these ten years. It is because practitioners have firm belief in Fa-rectification that Minghui /Clearwisdom has published articles during these ten years, opening up a pure land for the world.

Master said, "Clear Wisdom saves the predestined" ("Nets of Fa," Hong Yin Vol. II). Looking back over the journey of Fa-rectification cultivation during the past ten years, many Dafa practitioners have shared their maturing process through Clearwisdom. Some of those experiences are discussed below.

Looking Forward to Minghui Weekly, Distributing Truth-Clarifying Materials and Persuading People to Do the "Three Withdrawals"

In 2005, Ms. Zhang Cui, who has cultivated for fourteen years, was rescued by the Dafa practitioners abroad, and taken to the United States. Looking back to when she first learned about and distributed the Minghui Weekly in China, she said, "I was most looking forward to the phone calls from fellow practitioners about going shopping together because I would have a new Minghui Weekly in my vegetable basket on that day. After I returned home, I did nothing except study Minghui Weekly eagerly. The content inside was really good, but I was a little disappointed because I did not know when I would get the next one."

Ms. Zhang always appreciates the practitioner who sent her Minghui Weekly. She said, "I never asked where the materials came from, but I knew that if there was Master's new scripture or the notice from Minghui, we would receive it before mid-night." "After I received more and more truth-clarifying materials, and the region divisions of Minghui Weekly became more and more detailed, I realized that I could not just study and keep them to myself, and that I needed to come out to tell people how good Falun Dafa is. Then I started to distribute truth-clarifying materials to my local area every day. I asked for the materials from the practitioner who sent them every day, and then I distributed them. There were many stories about practitioners in Minghui Weekly; they were impressive, true, and easy to be accepted by ordinary people."

After the series of articles -- Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party was published, Falun Gong practitioners in the area where Ms. Zhang lived often went to a park to share their experiences, and all realized that the requirements of Fa-rectification had become higher. We need to go out to clarify truth, persuade people to do the "Three Withdrawals" and save sentient beings. Ms. Zhang remembered, "At that time, we obtained Minghui Weekly almost every week. I learned from the practitioners in other areas about their experiences and how they clarified the truth, and then I exchanged experiences with local students. It was not easy to meet together. So, after we got together, we would start at once to share experiences on how to persuade people to do the "Three Withdrawals", and how to overcome obstacles when we met all kinds of ordinary people. I felt very fulfilled."

In this way, from the very beginning I looked forward to Minghui Weekly, and then distributed truth-clarifying materials that were downloaded from the Clearwisdom website to the public. In order to clarify the truth face-to-face and persuade people to do the "Three Withdrawals", accompanied by Minghui Weekly, more and more practitioners in Ms. Zhang's area step forward to follow the progress of Fa-rectification.

From Being Afraid of Reading Persecution Cases to Making Calls to Restrain the Evil

Ms. Cui, an excellent educator in China, has kept reading articles on Clearwisdom since the day it was founded. She can break through the internet blockade and read Minghui/Clearwisdom every day. She said, "After the 'July 20' illegal persecution of Dafa began, I felt great mental pressure; I was not clear on the Fa principle and felt very confused because at that time, false scriptures existed everywhere. Some were directly put in front of you. I really didn't know whether it was real or not. Later, Minghui/Clearwisdom published what Master said that, "On important matters, practitioners must watch the position of Minghui Net." I firmly remembered these words. No matter how authoritative the false "scriptures" sounded, if Clearwisdom did not publish it, I would not accept it. At the same time, I recommended that the students who sent them to me not do that in future because the scriptures that Clearwisdom did not publish were all false."

Ms. Cui remembered, "I loved 'Practitioners Exchange Insights and Experiences' most at that time. Learning from other practitioners' experiences was very helpful to me. I always cried after hearing about them because I realized my own imperfections. Those articles seemed to directly point my imperfections out. But what I most hated to read at the beginning were those persecution cases because I felt so pained. Dafa disciples were under such relentless torture that I could not to continue to read. Later, I did not want to read them."

Ms. Cui continued, "Having cultivated for so many years, I knew I must remove my human attachments, no matter that they are being afraid of something or some personal feelings. I realized that they were impediments that were stopping me from upgrading myself. Therefore, I started to read those persecution cases on Clearwisdom on purpose every day. I felt that my heart became peaceful and rational again; I realized that a Dafa practitioner should not just only read about the persecution, so then I started to make calls to forced labor camps and those evil police."

After recalling this, Ms. Cui told me, "I appreciate Clearwisdom very much. Thanks Clearwisdom for guiding me to overcome the confusion at the beginning, then helping me to upgrade myself, and later to make calls to restrain the evil. The environment abroad right now has become more relaxed. However, no matter how busy I am during the day, no matter how much I did to spread the Fa, I will sit down to read Clearwisdom after studying the Fa and doing the exercises."

Master's Infinite Grace, Only If One Does Well the Three Things to Save Sentient Beings

Due to the persecution by the evil, Susan has been away from her homeland-China for thirteen years. Almost every day she urges fellow practitioners around her to read Clearwisdom. In addition, she introduces some materials to everybody, actively initiating discussions or some articles related to the local area. Every time she mentions Clearwisdom, Susan happily says, "How good Clearwisdom is. Every day I visit Clearwisdom, there are so many experiences from practitioners and stories on validating the Fa that makes me no longer feel lonely. How warm it is."

Susan said, "When I read Clearwisdom at the beginning, I liked to read articles about the scenes in other dimensions, the amazing manifestations of Dafa, and the special scenes on the earth or in the heavens. I worked in the Chinese community, and have contact with many Chinese; therefore, I realized that I must have made vows in heaven, and that I must clarify the truth. I need to clarify the truth publicly, so I should tell them something that they can accept. Then I searched for some related articles on Clearwisdom, such as healing and fitness, improving one's moral standard, information about the massacres that the evil Communists have committed, and so forth. It helped me find a wide range of materials."

She continued, "Later, there were many articles on Clearwisdom which stated that after becoming clear about the truth, some people encountered miracles or blessings when they sincerely said "Falun Dafa is good. Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good." I also started to do the same thing, and then the miracle really happened."

The miracle Susan talked about is what happened to her non-practitioner mother. Susan is the child her mother most misses because she has been away from her mother for thirteen years. In addition, her mother's coronary heart disease became more and more serious; her mother was sick in bed for many years. Therefore, every time Susan calls home, she clarifies the truth to her mother, and tells her to say "Falun Dafa is good. Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good." Susan's mother went from never believing this, then being a little doubtful about it, to at last saying it every day. In the end, during the final examination just before the operation, Susan's mother was found to be completely normal. Susan's mother said happily, "When I was examined at the hospital, I did not only say 'Falun Dafa is good, Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good,' but I also added 'Hello, Teacher Li!'" This seventy-year-old lady startied to speak with a firm and resounding voice and to feel happy again.

Talking about this, Susan said with emotion, "It is really Master's infinite grace, and my mother also said that Heaven saved her. However, what I can do is only to clarify truth, and do more to save more sentient beings."

The Complimentary Close

Some practitioners say that Clearwisdom is a light, and having it they feel warm and inspired; some practitioners consider Clearwisdom their everyday Fa conference; by reading it, many are encouraged to firmly continue their journey after feeling the steadfast determination hearts of so many practitioners firmly seeking Fa-rectification from every corner of the world. Most practitioners say that Clearwisdom is the stage of Dafa disciples which records chapters about Dafa disciples upgrading themselves together, actively discussing, and having righteous thoughts and righteous actions, and hope that more and more fellow practitioners will pay attention to the important meaning and role of Clearwisdom in Fa-rectification cultivation today. Let us assimilate to and harmonize with the Fa together, and take good advantage of our Dafa website.

June 25, 2009