(Clearwisdom.net) Falun Dafa practitioner Jiajia is now 72 years old. She had been illiterate all her life since the family could not afford to pay for her education. But then things began to change--once she embraced Falun Dafa cultivation, a miracle happened.

Jiajia retired 13 years ago, in 1996, and took care of her grandson. She often took the boy to a nearby park to play where she noticed people practicing Falun Gong. They not only did the exercises, but also read Zhuan Falun together. Several of the elderly, illiterate practitioners seemed to be undeterred and participated in reading the Dafa books. Jiajia noticed the younger practitioners' patience in helping the older ones to read. She was impressed and decided to take up the practice, in hopes of one day being able to read.

One of the male practitioners rented a relative's place at his own expense for Fa study and made the place available 24 hours a day.

Jiajia went to there daily to read Dafa books with everyone and was eventually able to read all of Zhuan Falun. She recognized Zhuan Falun to be a book about cultivation and realized she needed to conduct herself in accordance with the Fa principles contained in the book.

Fa study and experience sharing enabled Jiajia to understand the true meaning of cultivation. When she detected a lump in her belly she realized this was nothing of concern; all and she needed to do was carry on with what she was supposed to do. The lump disappeared. Likewise, many of her illnesses that doctors couldn't treat vanished.

Once Jiajia began her cultivation, her husband didn't quite understand her and often cursed or beat his wife, even grabbing her hair and knocking her head against a wall. Her horrified grandson cried, "Grandpa, please don't beat Grandma!" To make Jiajia give up cultivation, her husband even brought some woman home and had her stay overnight. Nevertheless, Jiajia was not disturbed and just continued cultivating. Interestingly enough, every time Jiajia's husband beat her he became bedridden. Jiajia didn't hate him and she took good care of him. The third time he beat her he got really sick and needed oxygen. He told Jiajia, "I'm dying. I can't move." Jiajia told him it was a consequence of his committing sins against Dafa. She advised him to ask for Master's forgiveness. He heeded the advice and knelt in the bed and begged Master to forgive him. He soon recovered.

Jiajia's Fa-validating stories

The morning of April 25, 1999, Jiajia went to the exercise site as usual. To her surprise, police were there and they confiscated her music player. No one came to practice. She couldn't find anyone. Jiajia wasn't sure what to do and asked Master for a hint. The next night in a dream she saw very clearly two lines of words, "This is not a test everyone can pass. You must take the initiative to step forward at this critical moment."

In October 1999 Jiajia went to Beijing to appeal for Dafa with four other practitioners. All of them were arrested in Tiananmen Square and taken to their local city's liaison office in Beijing. When asked for her identity and address she simply answered, "The whole world is my home." Unable to get anything from her the police left her alone.

The next morning Jiajia was hungry and cold and told the guard, "I'll go grab something to eat." He replied, "I don't care where you want to go." Jiajia walked to a restaurant and saw a plate of hot steamed pork buns already on a table. Could it be someone had ordered the buns but didn't have time to eat? Jiajia asked for a bowl of porridge. After eating the porridge and buns, she paid for both and took a train home.

Jiajia decided to leave home for the following years, to avoid further persecution. She often reminded herself, "Master will arrange my lodging and meals." Several times she found hot, steamed buns just outside her rented place or along the roadside.

The second time Jiajia went to Beijing to appeal for Dafa she was again arrested and escorted home. The local police ordered her to report to the station every day. Instead, Jiajia visited other practitioners, encouraging them to step forward to validate the Fa. Many of the local practitioners soon joined her in Fa-validation. Several days later, Jiajia went to Beijing again and was once again arrested in Tiananmen Square. A policewoman who knew her from her previous arrest smiled at her saying, "You came again?"

A young woman with a small child wanted to go to Beijing to validate the Fa. The woman was unfamiliar with Beijing. She asked Jiajia to go with her. Jiajia agreed. They took the child with them to Tiananmen Square, where Jiajia shouted for the first time, "Falun Dafa is good! Truth-Compassion-Forbearance is good! Restore my Master's good reputation!" Even the child in their arms shouted, "Falun Dafa is good!" The next day the three of them returned home safely.

Seizing opportunities to clarify the truth

Jiajia was arrested once more during her third petition trip to Beijing to appeal and held at her liaison police department office for 15 days. The police chief had intended to send her to a forced labor camp. Jiajia maintained strong righteous thoughts. On the sixteenth day the police were very busy. One moment there was a fire report in a community, and the next a report of a robbery came in or a fight broke out that needed police attention. Jiajia sat in the station for a whole day without anyone monitoring her. Her family simply picked her up and took her to her hometown. From then on, Jiajia began a path of living with no fixed address, to validate the Fa.

Each time Jiajia arrived at a new place, she made sure to study the "Fa" every day and also sent righteous thoughts at the top of every hour, time permitting. The rest of the day she posted truth-clarification stickers or distributed informational flyers. If there were street fairs, she clarified the facts to fairgoers face to face. Once, when she visited her third daughter, she posted stickers on a light pole and a passerby shouted from afar, "What are you doing?" Jiajia commanded the person in her mind, "Wait until I leave. Then you can come take a look." That person suddenly froze and couldn't move. Jiajia left calmly.

One winter morning at 5:00 a.m., Jiajia went out to distribute 50 copies of truth clarification brochures. Almost done, she figured she'd better get home before her family got up. With this thought she found herself already at another overhead pass. She felt a bit strange, but didn't think too much about this. Three similar experiences followed and se realized that she had developed supernatural abilities.

When Master's poem "Hurry Up And Tell Them" was published on December 8, 2002, Jiajia decided to return to the city to clarify the truth to her former colleagues. She read Dafa books on the bus on her way. A plainclothes policeman reported her to the local 610 Office that soon dispatched personnel to intercept the bus.

Jiajia was taken off the bus and sent to a detention center. The guards wanted to take away her Dafa books, but she said sternly, "You can take away my life, but not the books!" They gave her the books back. While in detention, Jiajia practiced all the Dafa exercises every morning. When the cell door was opened, Jiajia shouted to the hallway, "Falun Dafa is good!" After breakfast Jiajia studied three lectures in Zhuan Falun and Master's teachings at different places in the afternoon. Once a guard asked to borrow a Dafa book to read but didn't want to return it. Jiajia then sent righteous thoughts to have him suffer a headache if he didn't give her back the book. The guard returned the book a few days later.

Another practitioner shared her cell. The two women practiced the exercises, sent righteous thoughts, studied the Fa, and clarified the truth to the remainder of the inmates, who liked the two women.

Jia was set free fifteen days later and brought all the fifteen Dafa books she had carried with her out safely. She didn't waste any time in the detention center and studied the Fa.

Treating fellow practitioners with compassion

In 2007, another practitioner, Ms. Ding, in her 80s, suddenly lost her eyesight and became paralyzed from her waist down and was unable to take care of herself. Her children were too busy with their own lives. Ms. Ding's family asked Jiajia to help look after her. Jiajia gladly agreed. She awoke Ms. Ding each morning at 3:30. They practiced the exercises together. Ms. Ding couldn't complete some of the standing exercises, but Jiajia made sure they meditated together for one hour at least. Following breakfast, Jiajia read Dafa books to Ms. Ding. When Jiajia needed to send righteous thoughts near where practitioners were detained, she told Ms. Ding to send righteous thoughts at home, which Ms. Ding did. When Jiajia returned, Ms. Ding was still there, sending righteous thoughts. When Ms. Ding took a break during the day, Jiajia studied the Fa by herself.

Ms. Ding's home was in the downtown area by a roadside, which made it very convenient for fellow practitioners to gather and study the Fa. When they came, they shared important news with Jiajia, who then related the news to other practitioners. Gradually Ms. Ding's home became a place for information exchange. Jiajia always said, "All the pulses meet here."

One day Jiajia and a fellow practitioner were studying the Fa in the living room when two policemen broke in to snatch the books. Jiajia said calmly, "You can take away my life, but not the book. It will do no good to you and your family if you do." The police then returned the book to her. Jiajia was always very calm and had strong righteous thoughts.

At the beginning, Ms. Ding always relieved herself in bed every day and Jiajia had to spend a lot of time cleaning up everything. Jiajia thought she should use her righteous thoughts, so she sent a thought to have Ms. Ding not relieve herself in bed. Soon Ms. Ding was able to use the restroom. Several times Ms. Ding was too weak to stand and fell on Jiajia, who immediately got up and asked Master for help. Both Jiajia and Ms. Ding were fine, without any injury.

In 2008 Ms. Ding passed away. In order to keep this site for information exchange, Jiajia rented the back room in Ms. Ding's home. However, since some fellow practitioners didn't pay attention to safety and they went in and out too often, a neighbor reported them to the police. One morning, four policemen broke into the back room and took away Master's portrait. Jiajia clarified the truth to them and got the portrait back.

Those who have met Jiajia all say she has a pure heart. One person who is not a practitioner comments, "All Jiajia knows is to do the three things. She is very diligent." Jiajia is very nice to everyone. She does not say much, and when she opens her mouth, she only shares her understanding of the Fa.

When some practitioners got arrested, other practitioners complained about their shortcomings. Jiajia immediately stopped them, "Please don't burden this practitioner with bad messages and substances. We should send forth righteous thoughts for him and negate the old forces' arrangements."

Jiajia has been very solid during her past dozen years of cultivation. She is well respected by fellow practitioners, especially those out-of-town practitioners who were forced to wander around to avoid further persecution. They consider Jiajia's rental place their own home. Jiajia treats everyone well, serving them the best food she has. Whenever someone talks to Jiajia about their problems, she often advises them, "Grab the chance to study the Fa and rectify any unrighteous thoughts. Don't acknowledge the old forces' arrangements. Just listen to Master. You didn't do well this time. So be it. Make sure you do better next time."

Jiajia looks very ordinary and has no extraordinary powers, yet she has been harmonizing and validating Dafa, and saving sentient beings solidly.