(Clearwisdom.net) I have always wanted to practice cultivation but did not come across any good teachings. In the 80s, qigong was booming. I was curious and practiced one of them. I didn't feel anything had changed physically or mentally, hence I started to doubt all the phenomena that appeared in qigong practitioners. I thought people made them up or imagined them. I started to treat my qigong practice as an exercise in the morning. After a while, I did feel the qi, such as itching in my body, heat, seeing other dimensions and my spirit could leave my body.

In the winter of 1992, I was laying on a bed resting. As my wife entered the door, I saw a big tall man leading three men walked in at the same time. The man told me my son would be fine (he had been coughing for over a month). I yelled "Who is this?" My wife thought I was speaking in my sleep. At that time, I though it was my imagination, but I clearly remembered the features of the man's face and what he was wearing.

Later, I often saw black, white and green dragons flying and rolling around in the clouds. Every scale of theirs was standing. I just saw them without thinking about them. I also saw a man with three bronze-colored heads on fire and some ancient architectures. I knew they were real.

In 1993, when my spirit left my body, I saw another dimension. As I was floating, the celestial soldiers and generals stood in two straight lines and watching my every move. I sensed that they were responsible for taking care of my safety. I felt I was very small around them. They were at least 300 meters tall. I also saw a giant silver plate flying around.

In 1994, my spirit was flying in another dimension again. I saw a man wearing a red robe with soft yellow color radiating around his head, and his palms pressed against each other. I realized he was the man whom I saw in my house in the winter of 1992. In this other dimension, he was in colors that did not belong to the human world. All the colors were bright but not harsh, translucent and very beautiful. I had never seen such colors in my life.

I also heard music from other dimensions. It came from different directions and sounded like the Chinese zither. Some notes came from far away and some were right next to me. When they played together, it was so pure and extraordinarily beautiful. I realized that the clothes the ancient people wore, the robes of Buddhist monks and the music from ancient times all came from what sages saw in other dimensions.

In 1995, I repeatedly warned myself that whatever I saw in other dimensions, I shouldn't pursue or fear them, and I shouldn't linger in other dimensions. I was very confused by all the miraculous things I saw. They were so real. No one I knew could answer my questions. I started buying qigong books. However, there were conflicts between what I encountered and what was stated in these books.

One of my wife's coworkers asked whether I had read Zhuan Falun. I had not and had my wife borrowed it from him and read it. After reading it, I realized that everything Teacher said in the book explained my life's experiences. I understood what the main spirit was and what the assistant spirit was from "Whoever Practices Cultivation Will Attain Gong" in Chapter Eight. My main spirit left my body and saw things in other dimensions. The silver plate I had seen was Falun. I knew what I was supposed to do when my main spirit left my body from then on.

Later I saw Teacher's picture in "Explaining the Content of Falun Dafa" published in 1996. He wore a white shirt and a tie. I was shocked. He was the tall man I had seen when I was lying in bed in 1992. In the book "Hong Yin" published in February 1999, I saw an image of a spirit at the lower right corner on page 33 and page 71. The image of the spirit was exactly the same as the "man wearing a red robe with soft yellow color radiating around his head," who I had seen in 1994. The face of the man in the red robe was Teacher's face.

At that moment I understood everything. Teacher had always been looking after me without me even knowing it. Magnificent Teacher continued to give me hints, show me scenes from other dimensions and led me to the practice of Falun Dafa!

In 1996, my wife and I joined a local Falun Dafa class and started our journey in the practice. My wife's coworker also became a practitioner. I have learned and experienced more after I practiced Falun Dafa, and my main spirit no longer leaves my body.