(Clearwisdom.net) Mr. Xie Shuhuan is from Xi Langli Village, Shenzhou Town, Hengshui City in Hebei Province. On August 17, 2002, police from the Anping County Police Department in Hengshui City arrested him when they found his Dafa books during their inspection of a hotel. The next day he was taken to the Shenzhou Town Police Station. Officers Jia Shuangwan and Zhang Yanxiang of the Political and Security Department of Shengzhou City Police Department, the party director of the town Political and Justice Directory, and the chief and director of the police station all participated in the interrogation of Mr. Xie. The officers from the station also seized all of the belongings that he had on him.

On September 11, 2002, Mr. Xie was secretly transferred to the Police Department in Xushui County. It was learned that out of concern about the taking over of the TV broadcast, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) dispatched agents to Baoding City to investigate, and founded a "special task force" in Xushui County with approximately a twelve-person staff. The task force was headed by the deputy chief of the Xushui Police Department, who also served as the captain of the criminal defense team, and section head Yan Yongzeng. The main hitter in the task force was officer Bo Sen. In July 2003, the Xushui Court sentenced Mr. Xie to ten years in prison. The trial was presided over by a male judge, with two female judges assisting.

The appeal to Baoding Superior Court was denied. The court issued the final sentencing document, which was signed by:
Chief Judge: Yang Zhong
Judge: Yuan Daxue
Judge: Jiang Haiqing

October 12, 2003

Court Clerk: Wang Hui

The Xushui Detention Center treated the practitioners there particularly brutally from 2002 to 2003. The warden and the trainer, both with the surname Wang, were the main perpetrators.

The main perpetrators in Beijiao Prison in Shijiazhuang Prison were: Warden, Xiao Feng; Deputy Warden, Li Yaomin; Manager of Education Department, Wang Guobin; Deputy manager of the Education Department, Zhao Jun; and Policemen Zhao Yi, Zhang Yu, and Yue Yuhai.

Practitioner Xia Xingmin was sentenced illegally

Mr. Xia Xingmin, from Guangsong County, Hebei Province, was born on September 24, 1952. He was a manager at the Changzhen Auto Factory in Xingtai City, Hebei Province. He was arrested and detained for 54 days by the people from the "Falun Gong Task Force," which was headed by Deputy Political Director Wei Jikao of the Qiaoxi Police Department in Xingtai City.

During his detention, Mr. Xia was handcuffed, shackled, and pushed to the ground. They put a bench on his waist, using its four legs to hold him down, and a very large person sat on top of it. Four people shocked him all over with electric batons. They took turns in two-hour shifts, and shocked him for a whole night and worked him over. The next day, they locked him onto an iron chair (used specifically for torturing practitioners) for three consecutive days and nights. Every day they used a one-inch-diameter, two-foot-long baton to beat him on the back and thighs several times. His whole body was bruised during the 54-day detention.

The most serious beating was on the afternoon of November 17, 2001. Practitioner Tao Qing'en was also beaten that time. The police used wooden batons to beat them on the head, knocking Mr. Tao unconscious and causing Mr. Xia's head to bleed. The beating even formed an indentation on Mr. Xia's head. They broke part of the baton while beating them, leaving it less than a foot long. They had to be stopped by other officers. Worrying later that the two practitioners might die, they called in doctors to treat them. All this was under the personal direction of officer Wei Jikao.

On November 21, the CCP agents moved Mr. Xia to the Xingtai City First Detention Center, and sentenced him to nine years in prison on September 28. The presiding justice was Gong Zibing, and the recorder was Zhao Haiying. When they issued the sentencing document, the judge told Mr. Xia: "Don't blame us. It's a decision of the higher authorities." Mr. Xia appealed to the superior court, which issued its sentencing document on November 28, 2002 by the presiding justice Wang Shuangmei and recorder Wang Jiapei.

In January 2003, the CCP agents took Mr. Xia to the Beijiao Prison in Shijiazhuan City (the prison term was from November 21, 2001 to November 20, 2010). He was always watched and persecuted by inmates accused of serious crimes. The prison formed a special task force to "transform" the practitioners by depriving them of sleep. The person directly involved in the process was the manager of the Education Department, Wang Guobin. On April 17, 2006, they began the so-called "Spring Clearing Action." The police deprived practitioners of sleep, hung them up, beat them, and burned their fingers. The participants included the deputy manager of the Education Department Zhao Jun and the warden and police of all wards.

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