(Clearwisdom.net) Since March 9, 2009, the police in Yuanjiang City, Hunan Province, have repeatedly arrested local Dafa practitioners and raided their homes. Practitioner Xiao Ruilin was sentenced to forced labor in 2002 and persecuted at Hunan Province Changsha Women's Prison for three years. After she had been released for less than a year, she was sent to Zhuzhou Forced Labor Camp in Hunan Province for a year. Several days after she was released, she was again arrested. Her whereabouts are now unknown.

Below are some facts detailing how Xiao Ruilin was persecuted in Changsha Women's Prison.

Around December 2003, Xiao Ruilin was sharing cultivation experiences with fellow practitioner He Lijia and reading Falun Dafa articles together. Guard Li Chunhui from the "transforming" team twice pushed Xiao Ruilin to the ground and tormented her with the torture method "carrying a sword on the back" in which the victim's hands are restraind behind the back with one hand over the shoulder and the other hand against the lower back. A great deal of force is then applied to pull the hands toward one another and they are then handcuffed together. He tortured her like this for nearly two hours. When they saw that she didn't collapse, they locked her up with her hands cuffed behind her back. She had to sleep on freezing concrete in extremely cold weather. For the first several days, at each meal she was only given an amount of rice smaller than an egg. She had to pull the thin quilt with her teeth to cover herself. The shackles were so tight on her swollen feet that blood and pus kept oozing out, and there were many blood blisters and pus in the infected area. She became only skin and bones.

Around September 2004, practitioners Xiao Ruilin, He Lijia, Yan Hong, Luo Aizhen, and some others, over twenty in total, were tortured by guards Xue Fang and Liu (both male) and others because they refused to squat with their hands covering their heads and call themselves criminals. Throughout the day, they were forced to jump like frogs and do long distance running and push-ups (at least two hundred each time and different sports alternately). At mid-day and during the night, they were forced to stand for a long period of time and recite the prison regulations. Each of them suffered excruciating pain from their very swollen legs. Anyone who took a rest would be shocked with an electric baton or hung up. Because Xiao Ruilin refused to recite the prison regulations, she was forced to stand for over forty days. This time when she was locked up in a secret room, criminal inmate Xiao Jiahua kicked and stepped on her. She was covered with bruises and injuries.

From 2000 to 2005, all steadfast Dafa practitioners detained in this dark prison had to work twice, three times, or four times as much as criminal inmates. Some of them had to work over twenty hours a day and were not allowed to sleep. Around March 2005, because Xiao Ruilin, Chen Chujun, Yan Hong, He Lijia, and Xuan Hehua recited Dafa articles together and went on strike to resist the persecution, Li Ling and some other guards and criminal inmates brutally tortured them for almost forty days. The practitioners endured different forms of torture, such as being beaten with electric baton, being shackled, being forced to sit on a single foot stool, being forced to stand for a long period of time, and being force-fed and confined in a solitary compartment. They were tortured from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m., except when they went to the toilet three times a day in the morning, at lunch, and at night. They had to sit on the single foot stool even when they were having their meals. Xiao Ruilin fainted several times after being shocked by electric batons and hung up. She were subjected to force-feeding with a metal tube inserted into her throat, causing serious bleeding. Chen Chujun was dragged to the confinement room on the first floor from the fifth floor. Each of them was tormented till they were half dead and had become only skin and bone, but none of them gave in.