(Clearwisdom.net) During my lunch break at work, I received a phone call from our director, Ms. Xu, who invited me to her office.

I went there with Ms. Lan (a fellow practitioner), and Ms. Xu was waiting for us. Before we even sat down, she said with a sense of urgency, "I would like to learn Falun Gong. Please teach me." I looked around. There were many people in her office. Would it be suitable to teach her there? Then I thought that since it was my lunch break, it should be okay. The CCP (Chinese Communist Party) slandered Falun Gong for so many years, and it would be good to let these people see how beautiful our exercises are.

I played the exercise music and Ms. Lan demonstrated the exercises, while I explained the key points of the movements. Ms. Xu carefully followed. After the first set of exercises, she asked to learn the second. Eventually she learned all five sets during our lunch break.

As the three of us did the exercises, five or six others watched. Ying said, "The movements are beautiful! Your body looks so fluid!" Ye said, "Ms. Xu, I told you a long time ago you should learn Falun Gong from them. You put it off for so long."

A little while later, others joined us, and I corrected the movements for each of them. After they learned the first set, everyone said, "My entire body is warm. I feel so comfortable. Falun Gong is really good!"

I cannot express how touched I was when I saw them experiencing the joy of learning Falun Gong. After so many years of persecution, Falun Dafa practitioners not only endured hardships, they also brought Dafa to people's hearts. Many people who have awakened have started seeking Dafa. They saw the lies of the CCP and withdrew from the party and its affiliated organizations. They have chosen a good future.