(Clearwisdom.net) In the Beijing Women's Prison the guards took every opportunity to mistreat Falun Gong practitioners. This was either due to the pressure they received from higher authorities or their own desire for material benefits. Some of the torture methods used included being forced to sit straight for long periods of time and sleep deprivation. The guards were also under pressure to beat the practitioners. The prison guards indulged prisoners and those who turned against Falun Gong. The practitioners were not allowed to go to the toilet and were made to excrete in their pants. They were not allowed to change their pants or wash themselves. In addition, cold water was poured over them when they got sleepy, they were exposed to cold wind in winter and they were abused constantly.

The following describes the abuse practitioners Ms. Yuan Lin and Ms. Yu Peilin suffered in the Beijing Women's Prison.

One day, during a meeting held in the prison, Ms. Yuan shouted out "Falun Dafa is good" and took the opportunity to expose the mistreatment she suffered to the prison chief and other relevant officials. However, no prison guards or prisoners were punished for her mistreatment. Instead, Ms. Yuan was sent to the so-called Urgent Training Team to receive further abuse. After that the prison guards, former practitioners and prisoners, who acted as personal monitors of practitioners, cooperated to mistreat practitioners even more audaciously.

Practitioner Ms. Yu Peilin refused to sign a statement to give up Falun Gong and held firm in her belief. As punishment, she was not allowed to buy articles for her daily use, even toilet paper. She was beaten, abused and forbidden to go to the toilet or allowed to sleep. Ms. Yu refused to go to the Psychological Consultancy Office, which was actually a brainwashing center, so the prison guards dragged her with force to the office. In the process she shouted out "Falun Dafa is good" and exposed the prison's evil doings, for which she received even more severe torture.

Later, Ms. Yu was moved to another prison section and was detained alone. She was subjected to torture methods including sitting straight on a bench for a long period and sleep deprivation. When she was sleepy and wanted to take a nap, the prison guards poured cold water over her and kicked her. Because of the long periods of time sitting, her buttocks were bruised. She was not allowed to go to the toilet and had to excrete in her pants. She was then not allowed her to change her pants. As a result, her buttocks festered and never recovered even after a long time.

Ms. Yu refused to write a guarantee statement to give up Falun Gong or a confession statement to admit that she had participated in criminal behavior because of her belief in Falun Gong. Then former practitioner Shen Junlan stepped on and squeezed her feet forcefully. Prisoner Bao Haiying kicked her thighs and buttocks so cruelly that her right thigh was badly bruised and swelled to be 10 cm larger than her left thigh.

Because of the torture, Ms. Yu became unable to keep her balance when she stood, walked or even sat. She was so emaciated that she could not keep herself from falling. She was in an unclear mentality because of the long periods of sleep deprivation, but the former practitioners said that she had spiritual delusion. They even made use of those fake Falun Gong articles spread on some websites against Falun Gong to try to deceive and brainwash her.

All these crimes were committed under the surveillance of prison guard Huang Qinghua, Sun Xia and other monitoring guards on duty. It was Huang Qinghua who issued the order to subject the victims to the so-called Strict Discipline.