(Clearwisdom.net) I began the practice of Falun Dafa in December 2004, and was given a new life. I was not only cured of numerous illnesses, but was also able to go to work again and take care of my parents-in-law. My family was full of joy.

I had been sick for 30 years prior to the practice and took medications almost on a daily basis. Sometimes I had injections and hospital visits. Four years ago, Ms. Li from my village and my cousin came to my home and said, "You should hurry up and study Dafa! You'll be healthy when you practice Dafa." At first I did not believe them, but I was later diagnosed with esophageal cancer. A small hospital could not treat my condition. The doctor there told me to go to a large hospital. My son was applying for college at the time. We had no money for treatment, so I stayed at home and waited for death. My cousin learned about my situation and brought me a copy of Zhuan Falun.

I began reading Zhuan Falun and was able to sleep soundly for the first time, following reading the book in one afternoon. From then on I studied the Fa and did the exercises on a daily basis and conducted myself according to Master's principles. After three years of practice I am now able to do heavy field work. I am truly grateful for Master who brought me back from death's door, and I will never be able to repay Master.

My neighbors and friends say, "Wow, she really is cured!" They asked me how my cancer was cured. I told them, "I've been to various hospitals, but they never fully cured me. But Dafa removed all of my illnesses from the very root." Now, I can go to work daily.

One more incident attests to the amazing power of Falun Dafa. My husband drove me into town for errands in December 2008. A car hit us. Both of us lost consciousness from the impact. The driver was terrified. While I was semi-conscious I heard someone say to me, "You practice Falun Dafa." When I came to, I helped my husband get up and said, "I practice Dafa. We are ok! We'll be fine after a while." My husband nodded. The driver offered to take us to a hospital. I said, "Go along; we don't need to go to the hospital because we practice Falun Dafa." The driver was grateful beyond words.

I thank Master and Dafa from the bottom of my heart because Dafa gave me a new life. I truly hope everyone in the world can learn about Dafa, withdraw from the Communist Party and embrace a bright future.

I removed my glasses after 20 years

(by a practitioner in China)

During the early 1980s when I was two years old my mother saw me leaning my head, and my eyes were obviously not looking straight. She consulted an acquaintance and took me for an examination at a large provincial-level hospital. I was diagnosed with amblyopia, strabismus, astigmatism, and ametropia. My eyesight was merely 100f normal. The doctor told my mother, "The best treatment is for her to start wearing glasses right now so we can control the progression. There's nothing else we can do." So I wore glasses at a young age.

I had always wanted to work in the medical field. After I graduated from nursing school, work became my greatest challenge. I applied with several hospitals but they uniformly turned me down because of my thick eyeglasses. I could not wear contacts. I did not want to do anything else, so I went home and prepared for the nursing license exam.

One day when I went home, I saw a copy of Zhuan Falun on the table and started reading the book. My mother had practiced for years and had always told me how wonderful it is, but I never listened to her. On this particular day I suddenly felt drawn to the book; perhaps my predestined relationship with Dafa had matured. After I finished reading the book once, I turned on the TV and suddenly realized I could see better without the glasses on. I went to an optometrist and was shocked by the findings--my 300 degrees of myopia (nearsightedness) was reduced to 150. It was a miracle before my very eyes! I was excited beyond words and was determined to practice Falun Dafa.

After reviewing for my classes each day I began copying Zhuan Falun. One month later, one week before the national nursing qualifying exam, I felt slightly uncomfortable in my eyes and went back for a check-up. The result shocked even the eyeglass shop owner--my myopia had further reduced by another 75 degrees, and my sight improved to normal. I had no way of expressing my amazement and gratitude, so I knelt before Master's picture and kowtowed repeatedly.

I have finally said goodbye to the glasses that I wore for 20 years. I successfully passed the exam, and three days later I was hired by a city-level hospital, and now have a great job.