(Clearwisdom.net) Practitioners Ms. Fei Jinrong and Ms. Dai Yarong from Shuangyashan City, Heilongjiang Province were arrested on November 22, 2008. Ms. Fei was sentenced to four years while Ms. Dai was sentenced to two years. Ms. Dai was released after she was tortured to the brink of death. Ms. Fei was transferred from the Suibin County Detention Center to the No. 2 Detention Center in Hegang City. After only six months, she suffered a mental collapse from the persecution. The detention center did not want to shoulder the responsibility so they let family members take Ms. Fei home on May 1, 2009.

Ms. Fei Jinrong is 60 years old, with a head full of white hair. She used to be a section chief at the Shuangyashan City Audit Bureau. She was a straight arrow, warm and kind towards others. After practicing Falun Gong, Ms. Fei escaped the torment from decades of health problems and gained a new life. After the Sichuan Earthquake in 2008, she personally gave her employer 300 yuan for disaster relief even though she was already retired. This action touched the hearts of the supervisors and coworkers.

After the CCP began persecuting Falun Gong, Ms. Fei Jinrong was sentenced to a labor camp in 1999 and 2002, the second time she was imprisoned for three years. Both times were at the Jiamusi Forced Labor Camp in Heilongjiang Province. In the labor camp, the elderly Ms. Fei suffered many humiliations and was tortured countless times. Because she maintained her belief, the labor camp increased her sentence by 130 days. Ms. Fei was released in late May 2005. For details, please see Clearwisdom article on December 28, 2008, "A 60-year-old Woman Is Imprisoned Again after Being Persecuted Many Times."

Ms. Fei Jinrong and Ms. Dai Yarong went to Yongle Village, Suibin County, Hegang City on November 22, 2008 to distribute truth clarification materials. Around 10 a.m., they were reported by someone who was deceived by the CCP's propaganda. They were arrested by the Domestic Security Division police from the Suibin County Police Department and taken to the Suibin County Detention Center. The people directly involved in the persecution include Lu Jiansheng, chief of the Suibin County Police Department, and Domestic Security Division officers Zhang Zhenqiang, Gao Tiejun, Bi Shiqiang and Chen Zhonghou. The two seniors cautioned the police to not be deceived by the CCP into participating in the persecution. However the police insisted on detaining them in the Suibin County Detention Center and the authorization for arrest was created shortly thereafter. The police said, "It's better if you don't hire a lawyer. If you hire a lawyer from Beijing, we will give you a heavier sentence."

On the morning of January 13, 2009, the Suibin County court held a trial for Ms. Fei and Ms. Dai. There were only four or five family members in the audience. Ms. Fei defended her innocence herself. In her speech, she described in detail how having a belief is not a crime, that Falun Gong is righteous and how the CCP is violating the constitution and trampling on the law recklessly. However the judge did not allow practitioners to defend themselves, saying that Ms. Fei's words should be directed at more senior personnel. The judge interrupted Ms. Fei's defense many times, and didn't let Ms. Fei finish reading her statement.

On March 10, 2009, the Suibin County court sentenced Ms. Fei Jinrong to four years and Ms. Dai Yarong to two years. While she was in the Suibin County Detention Center, Ms. Dai was beaten until she vomited blood. Only when she was in critical condition was her family allowed to take her home. Ms. Fei refused to accept the sentence and asked to appeal. However due to unknown reasons, the Suibin County Judicial and Public Security Division suddenly transferred Ms. Fei to the No. 2 Detention Center in Hegang City. According to reports, Ms. Fei was forced to sit on a steel chair for many days without sleep at the No. 2 Detention Center. She was verbally abused and beaten by the criminals in the same cell. It is not known what type of torture she was subjected to. In only a few months time, she suffered a mental collapse.

It is not known how many other kind people like Ms. Fei Jinrong are still being persecuted. We appeal to all just people in the world to stand up and stop the persecution together.

May 31, 2009