(Clearwisdom.net) Emperor Dayu, founder of the Xia dynasty (2200 - l800 BC), had a great respect for traditional values and was responsible for making education available throughout the country. He maintained high moral standards, and followed the two former emperors, Yao and Shun, in being diligent in seeking good counsel for further improvement.

Dayu said, "Whenever one makes a mistake, it will generate hatred. Hatred does not necessarily originate from a major error. It can begin from a minor affair. We need to watch it carefully and stop it early enough, so that no mistake can develop into a serious problem. As the emperor of the people, I do not want anyone to dislike me. Therefore, I am very careful to continue to earn people's trust."

Dayu was an able and diligent man. He did not like extravagance. Instead, he wanted good, constructive ideas and wanted to spend all his time benefiting the people.