1. Feeling too embarrassed to clarify the truth to people is human sentimentality, and a barrier to carrying out our mission.

I am an easy-going person. I used to clarify the truth to strangers, advising people to do the "three withdrawals" [withdrawing from the Chinese Communist Party, the Communist Youth League, and the Communist Young Pioneers]. But it was not on my own initiative. I have now realized that saving people is an urgent task--it is a Dafa disciple's responsibility. We're supposed to do it on our own initiative, and we shouldn't do it only when people with karmic relationships come along. However, it is rather difficult for me to talk to strangers about the "three withdrawals."

Analyzing myself, I found that one of the reasons for not taking my own initiative is that I have the attachment of fear. I'm afraid of being reported, but this isn't my main barrier. My weakest point is that I don't know what to say to strangers, especially on how to lead people to the subject of the "three withdrawals." I feel somewhat embarrassed. "Feeling somewhat embarrassed" has been our pet phrase, which causes a kind of inaction--worrying about people refusing my encouragement and advice. This thought actually reflects the human sentimentality that interferes with us. There were times I should have clarified the truth but I did not, and afterward I had regrets. Maybe those lives had that single opportunity. I always feel terrible when thinking about this. Thus, when the time comes again, I will warn myself to grab the opportunity.

One time, right after getting in a taxicab to go home, I hesitated in deciding whether I should clarify the truth to the cab driver, because the driving time was only about 15 minutes. My mind struggled however, "Do it" had the upper hand. So I decided to clarify the truth to him. I learned that he had become a cab driver because he had lost his job in a national enterprise due to the Chinese Communist Party's (CCP) corruption. Since he had a sympathetic response to my questions, I asked him, "Do you know anything about the three withdrawals from the CCP?" He said, "I have heard about it." I said, "Did you do the three withdrawals?" He said, "Not yet. One of my passengers told me about it and gave me a registration card."

So I told him about a huge stone carved with characters "Death of the CCP" in Guizhou Province.

Finally I added, "I don't want you to learn anything or to participate in anything, but do you know that since we were sworn in as members of the CCP at a young age, we promised to sacrifice ourselves for the CCP. Since Heaven will destroy the CCP, will we be buried with it. Therefore, in order for us not to be buried with the CCP, we must void what we swore and quit the CCP."

The cabdriver admitted that what I had explained was pretty reasonable. So I asked him what CCP organizations he had joined. He said he only joined the CCP Young Pioneers. As he gave me his last name when asked, I helped to find a pseudonym--he was very thankful. The success in clarifying truth on this occasion strengthened my faith and confidence, as well as having broken through the barrier of "feeling somewhat embarrassed."

2. Teacher's Fashen brings people with predestined relationship to me.

I had another experience. Teacher said that Teacher's Fashen would bring us the people with predestined relationships. While in a shopping center one time, encouraging people to make the "three withdrawals," at around 6:00 p.m., I was near the end of sending forth righteous thoughts on a long bench. A young fellow sitting near me was on the phone complaining to the other person on the line that his future father-in-law wanted him to be a "move-in-son-in-law" with his last name changed to that of his future father-in-law and a new first name too, and he felt very reluctant to comply with this request. Then he started laughing over the phone. I started laughing too as a means of pulling closer to him, and he looked at me with a friendly smile.

After patiently waiting for more than ten minutes for him to end his phone call, I said, "Hey buddy, let me give you a good suggestion." I told him what would be a better way to handle his problem. Then, I said, "You're really lucky--you're taking over your father-in-law's big fortune quickly, but no matter how rich you're going to be, don't forget the most important thing, to protect your own life. He said, "You're right." I said, "Have you ever heard about the huge stone carved with characters of death to the CCP?" I also told him the real story about the staged "Tiananmen Square self immolation," which he didn't know anything about. However, he was glad to do the "three withdrawals" with a name I suggested.

With the things I stated above, I felt exactly what Teacher said. People with karmic relationships will be brought before us by Teacher's Fashen, as long as we have a pure heart for saving people. Eliminating the attachment to "feeling somewhat embarrassed" should enable us to save more sentient beings, and we won't later regret not doing enough.

Sentimentality must be eliminated. Otherwise our consummation will not be achievable. For our own sake, for the sake of sentient beings, and for carrying out our prehistoric vows, let us try to clarify the truth, and advise others to do the "three withdrawals."

Fellow practitioners, please kindly correct my errors.


May 30, 2009