(Clearwisdom.net) Masanjia Forced Labor Camp in Liaoning Province uses many torture methods in its persecution of practitioners.

1. Torture in the Strict Control Group No. 1

Practitioners detained in the Strict Control Group No. 1:

Name of Practitioner




Ms. Xie Guihua


Zhuanghe District, Dalian City


Ms. Sheng Lianying


Dalian City


Ms. Zhang Min


Dalian City


Ms. Gao


Dalian City


Ms. Wang Ling


Liaoning Province


Ms. Jia Yahui

In her 30s

Shenyang City


Ms. Wu Juan


Fengcheng County, Dandong City

November 2008

Ms. Xie Guihua's forced labor term had expired by August 8, 2008, the day of the Olympics Opening Ceremony, but guards refused to release her and used different excuses to extend her term. Sometimes they said the time was wrong, sometimes they said Ms. Xie's term was extended because she didn't cooperate, and they suggested that her term would be extended to June 2009.

In 2007, the guards forced practitioners to perform slave labor in the workshop. The Group No. 3 workshops were located in the "Eastern Cell." Practitioners detained in the weren't allowed outdoors, with windows and doors covered with white paper or newspaper. Guards monitored the cells and others patrolled the hallways. They were forced to work 16 hours daily.

Ms. Xie couldn't work because she had high blood pressure. The guards forced her to sit in the workshop. When she sang Falun Dafa songs, the monitoring personnel, inmates assigned to "convert" practitioners, reported on her, and two male guards dragged her out of the workshop. Because she was tall and she held on to a table, the guards could not move her. Eventually the table fell and she fell to the ground. Ms. Zhang Min, a fellow practitioner from Dalian City, in her thirties, who was very near-sighted, went into shock and had a heart attack.

Because of this incident, Shi Yu, the commander who was in charge of "transforming" at that time, confined Ms. Xie in a solitary cell for a week. They cuffed her hands, beat and kicked her, forced her to "apologize," and insulted her in public.

While Ms. Xie was detained in the Eastern Cell, guards verbally abused her. They forced her to stand for a long time, and beat and kicked her. She spoke to the head of the labor camp several times, demanding her release, as she was not guilty. She also took the opportunity to clarify the facts about Falun Gong to the guards. The guards, with Liu Yong and others coaxing them on, didn't listen and cursed her. She was forced to stand in front of a wall in the cell or the hallway every day.

Ms. Xie Guihua suffered greatly from the mental and physical abuse. She also worried about her mother who had cancer. Her cardiac disease worsened and her blood pressure was high. Instead of sleeping on a pillow, she had to place her head on a shelf at the end of the iron bed, because she couldn't breathe when her head was positioned too low. Often times she could not sleep at night. The guards on duty knew about her problems, but didn't allow her to sit. She could not sit or sleep, thus she lost a lot of weight.

In late 2008, Ms. Xie became mentally disoriented because of the torture. She always kept quiet, sighed, and talked to herself. Guard Zhang Xiurong, one of the leaders, forced her to work, but she was too weak physically. Sometimes when working, she rested for a while. Then, the guards cursed at her and forced her to stand up to "wake up."

Ms. Sheng Lianying held a hunger strike to protest the illegal forced labor imprisonment, and she was subsequently tortured. Her face was pale and swollen. She was emaciated and her lips were often swollen and wounded from the torture. During the 2008 Beijing Olympics, guard Liu Yong cuffed Ms. Sheng's hands to an overhang in the hallway. Sometimes she was cuffed to a steel rod gate, so that many people could see and insult her.

A woman practitioner with the surname of Gao was transferred from the "Western Cell" to the special control group. She had very high blood pressure but was forced to work. After she began to recover, she was transferred to the strict control group. The guards on duty forced her to take unknown drugs daily and would not leave her until she had ingested the drug.

Ms. Wang Ling was detained in the Eastern Cell during the 2008 Beijing Olympics. After being tortured for several years, her legs were partially paralyzed. Although other people wore thin pants, she had to wear wool pants, even though she would sweat, otherwise her legs would be very painful. She lost almost all of her teeth during the force-feeding. Therefore, she had to eat slowly, which resulted in her not being able to finish her meal on time. Often she soaked bread or rice in water and took them with her to eat later. Sometimes the vegetables were too hard to chew. She could only eat soup with bread or rice in it.

Ms. Jia Yahui was physically and verbally abused many times. The guards tried to force her to give up her belief by pretending to care for her. On September 23, 2008, she shouted "Falun Dafa is good!" together with all other practitioners in the Eastern Cell cafeteria. She was tortured since she was regarded as a "leader."

After Ms. Zhang Min shouted "Falun Dafa is good," guard Zhang Xiiurong and others beat and insulted her. After that day, practitioners who refused to "transform" were forbidden to use the cafeteria. Because practitioners often protested the persecution and did not follow orders, after the Chinese New Year of 2009, they were not allowed to buy food.

Ms. Wu Juan refused to sign her name in the "Monthly Registration Form" at the end of 2007. Guards Zhang Jun, Zhang Zhuohui and Cui Hong knocked her down to the ground, and beat and kicked her. Ms. Wu shouted "Falun Dafa is good!" She was therefore hung up in the storage room for a day and a night with just her toes barely touching the ground. Her wrists were injured from the handcuffs and very swollen. Her left arm was injured from the hanging and she could not move it at all. She was not given water or food. On the second day, she was taken to the workshop and forced to work. She protested and said she could not work. This went on for six months until the 2008 Beijing Olympics when she was transferred to the Eastern Cell. She suffered inhuman torture during these six months. She was constantly called outside, verbally abused, and the guards beat her mercilessly. One day at noontime, guard Zhang Jun called her to her office, insulted her and then beat her. The left side of her face was still purplish when she came back to the workshop in the afternoon.

In early summer 2008, Ms. Wu Juan's group was forced to clean up the garbage area that was about 20 meters long, three meters wide and 2 feet high. It was about 6 meters from the wall of the cafeteria where practitioners had meals. That area smelled extremely bad and maggots used that wall to reach the cafeteria. Guard Cui Hong dragged Ms. Wu to that area and forced her to smell the odor. The guard backed up 50 meters and sat next to the gate, and forced her to stand in front of the trash for half a day. Because she refused to give up her belief, she was tortured, then transferred to the Eastern Cell. After being transferred, she held a hunger strike to protest the persecution. Guard Liu Yong and the labor camp doctors force-fed her. Because she was too weak, after the torture, Wu Juan had cardiac problems and could not move. She was dragged back into her cell and thrown to the ground, where she vomited. Liu Yong held an electric baton and threatened practitioners in that cell. This guard didn't allow anyone to help Ms. Wu, and forced her to get up by herself. She lay on the ice-cold ground for several hours. Finally the practitioners in the cell protested and helped her get up.

Wu Juan's forced labor term was to end July 29, 2008. Because she refused to work, her term was constantly extended. On September 23, 2009, all practitioners shouted "Falun Dafa is good!" in the cafeteria to protest the illegal slave work, and the illegal extension of their terms. "Zuo Ban" Zhang Cuimian (from Zhijiazhuang City) first dragged Ms. Wu out of the cafeteria. She hit Ms. Wu brutally with her fists and feet.

2. Persecution in Group No. 2 and No. 3 in the Strict Control Group

Practitioners detained in Group No. 2 and No. 3 of the strict group of the Masanjia Labor Camp




End of Sentence -- not released

Ms. Zhang Yingying

in her 50's


Ms. Ma Ruilian



Ms. Liu Yuehong



Ms. Zhao Guiqing


Shenyang City

Ms. Song Guiyun


Fuxin City

Ms. Liu Guifang


Dandong City

Ms. Sun Xiuzhen


Dalian City

Ms. Wei Shaomin


Fushun City

Ms. Xu Meihua


Dandong City

Ms. Wang Xiaoyun


Fushun City

Ms. Wang Xiaofeng


Fushun City

Term ended April 2009

Ms. Han Jiling


Dalian City

Term ended March 2009

Ms. Li Hong

In her 50s

Dalian City

Term ended April 2009

Ms. Wang "Lin"?

In her 50's

Liaoning Province

released sometimes beginning of 2009

Ms. Liu Guifang was arrested in Beijing in July 2007. She was sentenced to a two and a half year term of forced labor and was detained in the Eastern Cell. Because she held a hunger strike to protest the persecution, she was tied to the torture instrument "dead man's bed" for two weeks. They force-fed her and the "food" stained her neck and clothes. They didn't allow her to change clothes or wash her face. She was forced to relieve herself on the dead man's bed, for which there was a square hole in the bed. The inmates assigned to monitor and torture practitioners cleaned up the feces and urine. Later, she was transferred to a regular inmate group, but soon, since she was not able to do slave labor, she was taken to one of the branches of Group No. 3 in the Western Cell.

During the Beijing Olympics, Ms. Liu Guifang was transferred to the Eastern Cell. She was afflicted with coronary artery disease and her lower back was injured. She couldn't stand straight and she walked very slowly. She was beaten and kicked by a male guard. During the torture, she was also insulted by the "Zuo Ban" personnel who monitored her. One night in January 2009 at shower time, Ms. Liu squatted to wash her lower body. Liu Shuzhen, who monitored her, insisted that she move to a different place, which she refused to do. Liu Shuzhen pulled Ms. Liu with her right hand while pulling her hair and pushing with her left hand away from her position. Ms. Liu had not pulled up her pants. She pulled up her pants and tried to get away. But Liu Shuzhen didn't let go of her. The practitioners could not separate them. Liu Guifang shouted "Falun Dafa is good!" when the monitors and the guards on duty came over. They dragged Ms. Liu out of the bathroom and dragged her all the way to the guards' office and mistreated her. Ms. Liu tried to reason with them. Later, the cell head told practitioners, "She shouted the slogan, so now it is a different issue. Her term might be extended." Ms. Liu went to group commander Zhang Zhuohui and told him the facts. Practitioners also sent forth righteous thoughts. Eventually, nothing happened.

Sisters Ms. Wang Xiaofeng and Ms. Wang Xiaoyun were arrested when having a meal at home and taken to the local police station. They were taken to the Masanjia Forced Labor Camp, where they were tortured. They were hung up and beaten for one day and night. Ms. Wang Xiaoyun's lower back was injured and she could no longer walk upright. She was detained in the Eastern Cell. At that time there were several practitioners and inmates who could not work since they were too weak.

3. Watched by Inmates Assigned to "Transform" Practitioners

In late 2007, guard Zhang Zhuohui took over the "transformation" task from guard Shi Yu. She forced all practitioners, no matter their physical condition, to work. Ms. Wang Xiaoyun couldn't sit or stand because of the injuries she suffered. She could not lie on the ground. She lost more than 40 pounds.

Liu Shuzhen was a regular monitor but was promoted to a higher position for her cruelty toward practitioners. Once, during the meal at the cafeteria, when practitioners lined up, Ms. Wang Xiaoyun spoke with another practitioner. Liu Shuzhen did not allow her to speak. She shouted at Ms. Wang Xiaoyun and pushed and dragged her around. Ms. Wang Xiaoyun resisted her and Liu Shuzhen claimed that Ms. Wang Xiaoyun beat her. Finally guard Zhang Zhuohui said her term would be extended, "We will extend your term if you do not admit that you beat Liu Shuzhen. If you admit that you beat Liu Shuzhen and you apologize to her, we will not punish you." Ms. Wang Xiaoyun did not accept this kind of persecution, and Zhang Zhuohui extended her term for one month.

Ms. Liu Yuehong passed out twice. Her body was covered with bruises. Practitioners were subjected to physical abuse and lost a lot of weight. They were not allowed to do the Falun Gong exercises or study the Fa. Ma Ruilian and Xu Meihua refused to sing labor camp songs. They were both tortured by the "big hang up." Ms. Ma Ruilian was 62 years old, but they still tortured her.

Ms. Song Guiyun was arrested three times. She was detained for three years in the Dabei Prison. The seven years in a prison and the persecution left deep marks on her. Her lower back was severely injured. She often suddenly lost control of her legs and fell. She often felt pain or numbness from her thighs all the way down to her feet, and she often woke up at night from the pain. Sometimes it was so painful that she had to kneel under the quilt. Her hands cracked and there were many small wounds causing lots of pain. When she walked upstairs or downstairs, she wasn't allowed to hold onto the hand rail. Despite her adverse physical condition, the guards forced her to work.

Practitioners detained in the Eastern Cell were subjected to all kinds of torture and insults. On July 28, 2008, all the practitioners who refused to "transform" were transferred to the Eastern Cell. It was one of the hottest days of the summer, but they were forced to wear the labor camp uniforms. When they were in the Western Cell, they had two uniforms. In the Eastern Cell they were only allowed one uniform and they were not allowed to change clothes. Later, practitioners protested, "It is so hot and we are going through military practice outdoors. How can our clothes not get dirty? How can we not sweat?" It was 33 degrees centigrade (91 F) and practitioners were forced to stand for the entire day. They were forced to stand under the baking sun since they could not walk very uniformly. Thus, the labor camp guards reluctantly allowed them to change clothes during the weekend.

Ms. Han Jiling and another practitioner changed their clothes before the weekend since they wanted to wash their clothes. They were called into the guards office. Several male guards scolded them, "Who allowed you to change clothes!" Practitioners were deprived of their right to change their clothes. Guard Zhang Zhuohui said, "This is the place to transform practitioners. Practitioners who refuse to transform have no rights."

4. Guards Use Multiple Means to Torture Practitioners

During the Olympics, the guards did not allow practitioners detained in the Eastern Cell to drink warm water. After October 2008, practitioners were allowed half a cup of warm water per day, monitoring inmates half a thermos bottle, and guards three thermos bottles. They forced practitioners to buy thermos bottles for guards and practitioners refused. In response, their thermos bottles were confiscated.

In the cell, guards assigned the beds to practitioners. They were not allowed to sleep or sit on other beds, nor were they allowed to sit on their own beds, as the sheets and bed covers were provided by the labor camp to deceive outside inspectors. Practitioners were not allowed to go bed before 9:00 p.m. and had to ask permission. On one occasion, Ms. Li Hong was too tired after standing for too long, because her leg was injured, so she sat for a while at the edge of her bed. When the guard on duty discovered this he harassed her, and the entire group was forced to stay up for another ten minutes.

Ms. Su Fei, a practitioner from Beijing, was tortured last year and she had difficulty moving her arms. One morning at around 2:00 or 3:00 a.m., she fell from the upper berth and lost consciousness. Therefore, people were no longer allowed to sleep on upper berths.

A little later, when people slept on upper berths, they had to sleep vertically by placing two bunk beds together. There was a crevice between the beds and it was very uncomfortable. After going to bed at night, practitioners were only allowed to use the bathroom after 11:00 p.m. Some elderly practitioners needed to use the bathroom at around 10 p.m., but they weren't allowed and were insulted instead. Once, Ms. Wei Shaomin had no control over urination, so she held the quilt and rocked her body on the bed, with tears in her eyes.

Practitioners were only given 5 minutes in the morning and 10 minutes at night for personal hygiene, and once per week, usually only 20 minutes on Saturdays or Sundays, to wash their clothes. This was also the only time they were given to take a shower, and the water was cold.

After October 2008, the Eastern Cell was assigned a practitioner who was mentally traumatized. Her surname name was Ms. Wang and there was a "Lin" in her given name. She was from Liaoning Province, and about 50 years old. According to the monitoring inmate, she was transferred from a mental hospital in Liaoning Province. She looked emaciated, with large but dull eyes. She sat on the bed all day long with two inmates taking care of her. Both of her hands were cuffed to the bed all day and all night. During the day, she was detained in the activity room of the Eastern Cell and at night in the classroom or storage room. She didn't sleep during the day and very little at night. She often screamed at 2:00 a.m. or 3:00 a.m. She was released after four or five months.

Ms. Zhang Jingling was also detained in the storage room at the same time. She was transferred from Group No. 3 to a regular group during the Beijing Olympics. In late 2008, Ms. Zhang Jingling refused to sign "monthly registration." Her right arm was twisted and broken by two male guards and she was brutally beaten. She could no longer take care of herself. The guards tried to cover up the incident by detaining her in an isolation area, and they ordered another inmate to take care of her. She stayed in the room all day and all night and was not allowed out of it, even for restroom visits. A practitioner from Group No. 3 gave her a little food while cleaning the hallway and the monitors found out. They shouted at her and reported her to the guard on duty, which resulted in further harassment.

Some of the monitoring inmates are former practitioners who became collaborators. They monitored and persecuted practitioners. They became tools for the guards and they had lost their human nature.