(Clearwisdom.net) Fifty-two-year-old Ms. Fan Gaozong is from Chengguan Town, Fuping County, Baoding City, Hebei Province. Before practicing Falun Gong, she was diagnosed with terminal breast cancer, which caused her a lot of pain and resulted in her hair falling out.

In the spring of 1997, Ms. Fan began practicing Falun Gong. One morning, she saw thick, blackish blood discharge from her cancerous breast. This scared her husband, who sent her to the hospital. The doctor gave her a thorough examination and unexpectedly found that her breast cancer was gone. After that, her health improved quickly. She no longer had pain in her body, and her hair grew back. Dafa had given Ms. Fan a second life. Her family was overjoyed by Dafa's amazing gift.

In 1999, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) began persecuting Falun Gong. On December 24, 2000, Ms. Fan and her sister went to Beijing to appeal for the right to practice Falun Gong. They were arrested and escorted back to a local detention center. Police officers Zhou Qiulai and Ma Baozhong extorted more than 9,000 yuan from Ms. Fan's family and released her on January 23, 2001.

On June 4, 2001while Ms. Fan was not at home, officer Ma Baozhong broke into her home with the intention of taking her to a brainwashing center. To avoid further such harassment, Ms. Fan left her home and family and went to live in Baoding. On July 11, 2001, police from Xinshi District of Baoding City illegally arrested her. She was kicked and beaten while in their custody. The police used leather shoes to hit her breasts, which caused her left breast to bleed heavily, after which her body was covered with injuries, and she was black and blue all over. Eventually, she became incontinent and fainted. After she regained consciousness, the police forced her to wash away the blood on her body and clothes. They later sent her to the Baoding Detention Center.

In the detention center, the guards used the criminal inmates to persecute Ms. Fan. The inmates attached slanderous paper signs to Ms. Fan's body. When she resisted, they knocked her down or pulled on her hair to force her to the ground. After 78 days in the detention center, she was transferred to Baoding Forced Labor Camp to serve a one-year term.

In the forced labor camp, the guards deprived her of sleep and forced her to stand with her hands on her head and her face close to a wall. When she moved a little, the guards shocked her with electric batons. The criminals were encouraged to beat and curse at her at will. After Ms. Fan was released from the forced labor camp, she continued to be harassed by Fuping police officers.

One evening in August 2005, four to five policemen stopped Ms. Fan while she was walking on the street. The officers claimed that Ms. Fan had hung up Falun Gong posters and distributed flyers on the street. They drove her around the city looking for evidence, but didn't find anything. The police then ransacked her home and still didn't find any posters or flyers. They confiscated the Falun Dafa books they found in her home. Ms. Fan was sent to the Domestic Security Division. In November 2005, officers from the Domestic Security Division harassed and threatened her and her family in their home. Prior to the Beijing Olympics, the police went to her home again. Every time the police harassed her in her home they wore black uniforms, waved their handcuffs, yelled at and threatened everyone, and made a huge mess of the home.

Ms. Fan's sister had gone to Beijing with her to appeal. She was escorted back to Fuping Detention Center by police officer Zhou Qiulai, where she was tortured. The police tied her up and paraded her through the streets to humiliate her.

The prolonged persecution and pressure caused Ms. Fan's mother a lot of pain and suffering. She eventually passed away from health problems stemming from the intense pressure.

During the time that Ms. Fan was being detained at the Baoding Detention Center in 2001, her son achieved excellent scores in the college entrance exams. He planned to apply to a military academy. However, the authorities disqualified him from entering the academy on the grounds that his mother was a Falun Gong practitioner.