(Clearwisdom.net) The Li family lives in Xibei Village, Longfeng Town, Pengzhou City in Sichuan Province. Everyone in this family practices Falun Dafa. The mother, Ms. Li Daiying, obtained the Fa in 1996, and has enjoyed excellent mental and physical health. Although she is in her seventies, when she works in the field, she is fast and agile like a young person. Witnessing the miracle and beauty of Falun Dafa in their mother, her daughters soon followed suit one after another and became steadfast Falun Dafa practitioners.

Over the past tens years of persecution, members of the Li family, including three daughters, one daughter-in-law, and one son-in-law have gone to Beijing at different times to appeal for justice for Falun Dafa, demanding that the government restore the reputation of Master Li and Falun Dafa. They became key persons the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) targeted for persecution. As a result,on many occasions they were illegally arrested, detained, sent to forced labor camp or brainwashing centers; or their property/belongings were confiscated by the government. The family has suffered tremendous trauma as a result of persecution.

At 6:00 p.m.on April 25, 2009, three Falun Dafa practitioners, Xi Wenxiu, Chen Guifen, and Tang Guanglan, visited the Li family. No sooner had they sat down, but the chief of the Comprehensive Administrative Office, Liu Guanghua led a group of people to pay a surprise visit. Without showing any proper identification, they forcibly body searched the three practitioners and also removed items from their home. A tall man who was the driver went in and ransacked the house, taking a computer, a printer, and Falun Dafa books. Liu then notified several officials in the Guankou Town police station in Pengzhou City. Again, without showing any identification, the officials arrested the following practitioners on trumped-up charges of "disturbing social order:" The three practitioners visiting the Li family were Ms. Li Daiying; Ms. Li's daughter Li Yongrong (alias Hu Guofen); Ms. Li's daughter-in-law, and Wang Weiping, who had just returned home from working in the field. The officials returned again at 10:00 p.m. to ransack the house . Ms. Li Yongrong's home was also ransacked. Another daughter, Ms. Li Yongxian escaped arrest; however, the officials took more than 2,000 yuan from her sale of vegetables in the market.

At the Guankou Police Station, the police did not wear their police badges when they interrogated practitioners. The police sprayed an unknown chemical on Ms. Li Yongrong's back, head, and face, causing burning, itching, and pain to her body for several days. Later, they sent Ms. Li Daiying to a brainwashing center and sent the rest of the five practitioners to the Pengzhou Detention Center. A police officer asked Ms. Li Yongrong if she had done anything wrong, to which she replied, "I did not do anything wrong." The police shouted at her, "I don't care how you ended up here. You have done something wrong if you are here because this is a law enforcement office, and is not a place you can have your say. You are threatening the police if you try to defend yourself." The police then beat her and ordered other inmates to shackle Ms. Li, causing her excruciating pain.

After their detention ended, the five practitioners refused to write guarantee statements so they were sent to a brainwashing center. Other practitioners, including Tan Shumin from Qingxing Town, Jin Liangfang from Longfeng Town, had already been detained there. (Xi Wenxu was bailed out by her family on May 6.) Tan Shunmin was cooking at home on April 22, when the village's Party Secretary, He Mingying (female) and others intruded her and forcibly took her to the brainwashing center. On April 19th, Jin Liangfang was arrested on Xiaobei Street in Pengzhou City by the police while she was clarifying the truth about Falun Dafa. Officials from the 610 Office tortured Tang Shunmin so cruelly that she vomited blood. However, they finally sent someone to pick up her after seeing that she would no longer survive the torture.

In the brainwashing center, Mao Mou from the 610 Office withheld practitioners' breakfast and tried to force them to give up practicing Falun Dafa. Chang Pingyu forced practitioners' families to pay money to bail them out. They threatened that without money and the guarantee statement, there would be no freedom for practitioners. Practitioners staged a hunger strike on May 16 in protest. After several days, officials from the 610 Office feared the consequences of allowing the hunger strike to continue and notified the local authorities to pick up the practitioners and release them.

The following are persons who have taken part in the persecution:

Director of the 610 Office in Longfeng Town, Pengzhou City: Zeng Weichun

Chief of the Comprehensive Administrative Office, Liu Guanghua: 86-13882105583(Cell)

Chief of the Guankou police station: Ao Guozheng

Officials from the 610 Office in Pengzhou City: Chief, Fan; Mao Mou; Qian Anju