Jun. 8

The police and the 610 agents took Mr. Xie Deqing's body and cremate it by force. They claimed, "We don't care if you expose our actions, even to the international society..."

Due to international attention to Chinese human rights violations, the forced labor camp used more concealed means to torture over six hundred Falun Gong practitioners jailed there.

Jun. 9

Mr. Zhang Hui was sentenced to eight years in prison. In April 2009, when he was transferred to the hospital, it was too late to do surgery for curing his organ injuries caused by abuse.

Jun. 10

Ms. Jiang Deying has been repeatedly arrested and persecuted and eventually reduced to homelessness. She was arrested again in April 2009.

Jun. 11

Ms. Zhang Ling-ge was the sole support of her family.

Jun. 12

Ms. Wei was recently severely tortured at Linghai City Detention Center.

Jun. 13

The authorities break into Ms. Tang Xingrong's home, give her a fake trial and a long sentence.

Jun. 14

Mr. Yuming has been detained for eight years. Because he refused to sign the suicide note fabricated by the forced labor camp, the police shocked him with 800,000 voltage batons and then beat him with an iron bar.

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