(Clearwisdom.net) Falun Dafa practitioner Ms. Wei Xiuying from the Jincheng Region, Linghai City, Liaoning Province is presently in a hospital room of the Obstetrics and Gynecology Department on the third floor of Linghai City People's Hospital. She is in critical condition due to torture.

The tormentors poured boiling water over her head, kicked the middle of her chest where the heart is located, and beat her right ear with a water bottle. Her right ear is now deaf. She is unable to walk and has heart failure, seizures and high blood pressure. She vomits everything she eats or drinks. She is emaciated and she is at death's door.

To avoid having to accept responsibility, the individuals and organizations that perpetrated her torture took her to Linghai City People's Hospital. They informed her family that they may take her home under "compassionate medical leave."

In April 2009, Ms. Wei Xiuying was imprisoned at the Linghai City Detention Center. She was not wearing many clothes, but only cotton knitwear and trousers made of cotton generally worn at home. She was not allowed to change when arrested.

In the beginning of May, police were seen taking her to the Linghai City Chinese Medical Hospital. Her face was disfigured from being beaten. She shouted "Falun Dafa is good" during the transfer.

Now she is in critical condition. Her family requested to take her home immediately.

People primarily responsible for torturing Ms. Wei:

Li Yazhou: 86-416-2572018 (Office), 86-416-2388888 (Home), 86-138-97886666 (Cell)

Wang Jingshan, deputy director of the Linghai City Police Station (former director of Jincheng Region Police Bureau, Linghai): 86-416-8191011 (Office)

Liu Hongjun, director of the Jincheng Region Police Station: 86-416-8285999 (Office)

Other policemen that participated in the torture:

Liu Yi, Liu Haiwang, Zhang Bo, He Lianjie.

Currently, Wang Hui of the Jinzhou City Police Station, Liaoning Province, was deeply involved in the torture of Ms. Wei Xiuying: 86-416-2389966 (Home), 86-139-04069800 (Cell).