(Clearwisdom.net) Mr. Qian Shiguang endured a great amount of brutal mistreatment during the persecution. Below is an account of his last days before he died.

After Mr. Qian was illegally arrested and taken to the Gongjiawan Brainwashing Center in May 2005, he was illegally sentenced to forced labor. Party Secretary Qi Ruijun, nurse Ma Xin, and guards Liu Xin, Sun Qiang, Qiao Houquan, Guo Yuancheng, and Yang Jigang often hung him up by his arms and beat him. This caused severe injuries, including damage to his back and spine, to the point where he walked bent over at a 90-degree angle all the time.

Qi Ruijun deprived Mr. Qian of his visitation rights and detained him past the end of his term in April 2008. Mr. Qian's over 3,000 yuan retirement pension was used up by the brainwashing center. Nurse Ma Xin beat him with his walking stick. Sun Qiang once kicked him down to the ground. Qiao Houquan also cruelly beat Mr. Qian in the bathroom with other guards.

By the end of August 2008, Mr. Qian's condition had worsened significantly under the long-term mistreatment. His personal "watcher" Jia Honglin reported that he had not eaten anything in ten days, but the guards ignored it. Mr. Qian was very pale and thin as a skeleton, and he was clearly dying.

On the night of September 8, 2008, Jia Honglin reported four times to the guard on duty, Yang Wentai, that Mr. Qian's life was in danger. The guards came, took a look, and said, "He's fine."

At about 5:50 a.m. in the early morning of September 9, 2008, the guards wrapped Mr. Qian in his blanket and carried him out of the ward. The prisoners heard that he had died and saw that his sheet was stained green. Qi Ruijun tried to blame "watcher" Jia Honglin, withholding his salary and trying to extort money from him.

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