(Clearwisdom.net) Fu Xi, also called Tai Hao, was one of the three sovereigns of ancient China. He lived to the venerable age of 175 and ruled China for 116 years. His date of birth and death are unknown.

Fu Xi was adept in observing and interpreting the movement of the sun, the moon, and the constellations, as well as the changes of the weather and the seasons. He left out nothing in his study of nature, including the mountains, rivers, animals, and vegetation. All the life forms of this earth were included in his studies. He examined the patterns on animals' fur and birds' feathers, and his eye did not miss any significant thing.

His extensive observations and research allowed him to gain great insight into the world around him. He analyzed and classified everything, from the human body to the nearby surroundings, according to their characteristics and categorized them into eight different constructs. He then used eight symbols to label them, and created the "Ba Gua" ("Eight Trigrams"). Through study of the Ba Gua, one can understand the will of Heaven and the interrelationship between all things.

In ancient times, people tied knots in ropes to communicate with each other and record things of importance. Fu Xi invented the writing system which made record keeping, and descriptions of everything and ideas more detailed and precise. This greatly improved communication and directives to subordinates, and was of great help to the common people.

Song Dynasty historian Fan Zuyu said that Fu Xi's moral character was in harmony with Heaven and earth, and that he understood the messages from the gods. Thus, he was able to invent the Ba Gua, which explained the truth of all matter and the harmonious relationship between man and his environment.

The government system and the moral codes were formed in Fu Xi's era and perfected during Tang Yao's reign. Without the two of them, propriety and justice would not have been established. Therefore, the later emperors of China followed the teachings of Fu Xi.

Note: The Three Sovereigns of ancient China were Fu Xi, Shen Nong, and the Yellow Emperor.