(Clearwisdom.net) There are several practitioners in our area who are very diligent in saving sentient beings. They are doing very well in areas such as Fa study, sending forth righteous thoughts, clarifying the truth, and saving sentient beings face to face. But somehow they are not able to handle tribulations well between family members and do not believe that the conflict was caused by their karmic debt accumulated over previous lives. Even when they look inward they are still not able to find the main problem. They have been stuck in resentment for a long period of time; view the bitterness of life as unfair and also hold on to jealousy, which severely blocks their xinxing improvement. Fellow practitioners all around are worried for them.

From experience sharing, we found out that they did not believe, or refused to acknowledge, that the tribulations they were going through were caused by their own karma. It seemed that on this particular matter, they did not believe Master or the Fa.

We should truly realize that the problems we have in this life, not only were caused by our own karma, but also were already eliminated on many levels and endured mostly by Master.

Everyone has an understanding side. You harmed someone to this extent, but now you do not acknowledge it, nor want to pay back the debt? Who would not be upset? After you obtained Dafa, you should better understand the reason for these conflicts. If you still refuse to maintain the right attitude regarding this issue, why wouldn't they become more upset?

We should not just want to only hear good comments, and be upset when we hear mention of mistakes we made in the past. Remember that Master told us that anything we encounter as a practitioner is a good thing. If we do not elevate our xinxing during the tribulation, it will not leave us.

Only when you truly realize that it is you that owes the debt, and not the other way around, will you have a right attitude, and will you be able to eliminate resentment and jealousy.

There are some problems not yet solved. Maybe these problems are trying to remind practitioners to elevate their understanding and xinxing. We practitioners are all very diligent, particularly after we studied, Master recent article, "Greetings," written for the Canadian Fa Conference. We understand the importance of studying the Fa and cultivating ourselves.

Let us be more diligent. Please kindly point out any shortcomings in my understanding.