(Clearwisdom.net) One day in June 2005, I came across a relative who said to me, "Did you know your cousin Shi Tou dying? He went to see a doctor in Nanjing. His kidney problem has turned into Uremia. It's terminal." My cousin was only 52 and I was shocked by this news.

The next morning, my husband and I skipped breakfast to take the bus to see my cousin. I was so surprised when I saw him; he was beyond recognition. He swelled up and could not speak and even had difficulties breathing. When he saw us, he cried. "Sis, I am dying. It's so painful that I would rather die." I told him, "No, you won't die. As long as you practice Falun Gong, my Teacher will save you. You know that I had a lot of illnesses, too. I almost died. Since I began practicing Falun Gong nine years ago, I have been well and I have not even had a cold. We are both in our 70's, but look at how healthy we are." Immediately Shi Tou said, "I would like to learn Falun Gong from you. I will never regret it."

As soon as he had this thought, a miracle happened. He sat up and called to his wife, "Could you get us some breakfast? I will eat with my sister and brother-in-law. Then I will learn Falun Gong."

That was May 7, 2005 on the Chinese lunar calendar. Falun Gong has since changed his whole life.

Shi Tou practiced very diligently every day. It was hard for him to do the exercises because his body was so swollen that he could not bend his legs, much less cross his legs. However, he never complained. He said, " What is there to fear? I have been told I am dying. Even if my leg were to break, I will still practice Falun Gong. I will follow Teacher for sure." At first, he had to rest after he did one set of exercises. Then he was able to finish them all in one sitting. A few days later, he felt that his body became lighter and he felt stronger, too. Then he could meditate with both legs crossed. With tears in his eyes, he thanked Teacher. "Thank you, Teacher, for saving me. I am a practitioner. I will practice Falun Gong. I will follow Teacher. No one can change my mind." Every time he was in pain while eliminating karma, he would shout, "Falun Dafa is good", "'Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance' is good."

Now, he is completely healthy. He is the eldest of many siblings and he never had a chance to go to school because his family was poor. After he learned Falun Dafa, he started to read Zhuan Falun with his limited knowledge of Chinese characters. He was learning new characters as he was reading Zhuan Falun. He tried very hard to memorize the new words. After six months, he was able to read Zhuan Falun from beginning to end. He started to memorize Hong Yin as well. In group study, he took turns with other practitioners reading aloud Zhuan Falun. His children said that he has completely changed; he has the energy level of a young person and is always happy. He told everybody, "It's the Master of Falun Gong who saved me. Dafa is great and extraordinary. You should also practice Falun Gong."

Since his children have also witnessed the extraordinariness of Dafa, they no longer believe the slanderous propaganda and they even told people about how their father recovered. The whole family is grateful to Teacher. They all say, " Falun Dafa is good." All of the children support their father's cultivation. Even his grandson reminds him to send forth righteous thoughts.

It has been four years since then. All of his colleagues, friends and neighbors have seen the changes in him, which helped them to understand Falun Gong and many have started to learn the practice from him.

May 30, 2009