(Clearwisdom.net) On February 10, 2006, police from Zhanjiang City, Guangdong Province, arrested Ms. Chen Xia and her children who are Falun Gong practitioners. The police extorted 400,000 yuan from them, but still didn't release them. They even deceived Ms. Chen Xia's husband and didn't allow him to meet with her and the children. Three years have passed, and Ms. Chen Xia and her children are are still missing. There is no news as to whether or not they are still alive.

On February 10, 2006, police from Zhanjiang City Criminal Police Station and Xiashan Branch, conspired with officials from the local 610 Office to arrest Ms. Chen Xia and her children. They extorted money from Ms. Chen Xia and her family. At first, Chen Fang, Zeng Hai and Huang Jinwen demanded 600,000 yuan. Ms. Chen Xia said that she had no money. Zeng Hai said, "Give us 400,000 yuan. Then, Chen Fang and I will release you immediately." At the moment, Ms. Chen Xia's husband just wanted to rescue his wife and children. He had no choice but to give Chen Fang the 400,000 yuan on April 9, 2006. However, the police never did release Ms. Chen Xia and her children. They claimed, "The officials at the upper level demanded 800,000 yuan as the prerequisite for their release." Ms. Chen Xia and her children have never returned home since then.

On June 8, 2006, Ms. Chen Xia's husband went to Potou District Detention Center in Zhanjiang City to meet with his wife and children, but failed to see them. The superintendent whose last name was Chen said, "Your wife and children have been sent to Sanshui Detention Center in Guangdong Province." Then, Ms. Chen's husband went to Sanshui Detention Center on June 15 to look for them, but the officials on duty told him that the police from Potou District Detention Center hadn't sent Ms. Chen Xia or her children there and that they had no records of them on file.

It wasn't until March 10, 2009 that Ms. Chen Xia's husband found out that Ms. Chen Xia and her children had been severely tortured by Chen Fang, Wu Zhansheng and Zeng Hai. Three years have passed, but Ms. Chen Xia and her children are still missing. There is not even any news about whether they are alive or not. Ms. Chen Xia's husband worries about them day and night.

The police in Potou District Detention Center, Zhanjiang City are very cruel. They torture Falun Gong practitioners severely. Some informants have said that the police pressed bamboo sticks under practitioner's finger nails, causing intense pain.

Criminal Police Department, Zhanjiang City, Wang Yan: 86-13802828249 (Cell)

Criminal Police Department, branch of Zhanjiang City, Liang Pei: 86-13702883767 (Cell)

Address: No. 17, Zhongshan #1 Rd., Zhanjiang City

Xinyuan Police Station, Lvcun Rd, Xiashan District, Zhanjiang City: 86-759-2624344, 86-759-2622567 (Tel)

May 31, 2009