(Clearwisdom.net) Ever since CCP official Bo Xilai arrived in Chongqing City, he has been in cahoots with Wang Lijun (assistant commissioner of the Chongqing City Police Department). Together, they conducted a series of activities to persecute Falun Dafa practitioners and poison the general public.

1. In November 2007, Bo Xilai was delegated to the post of First Secretary of Chongqing City. He displayed his tactics from previous positions, persecuting Falun Gong without restraint. Wave after wave of practitioners were arrested--over 100 practitioners were arrested right around the time that the Olympics were held. Officers tried try to force practitioners to renounce their beliefs using many methods of torture and beatings, the severity of which was shocking. Bo Xilai has only been in Chongqing City for over a year, but already numerous practitioners have died or become disabled. Those injured in the latest round of persecution are everywhere.

2. At the end of 2008, Bo Xilai used the "flag defamation case" to once again target practitioners under the guise of "defending the CCP and the nation's image and dignity." Led by the assistant commissioner of the city police department, Wang Lijun, seven departments formed a special case team, including the city command center, criminal police unit and Domestic Security Division. In a matter of days, police forces mobilized 105 times and 873 people were persecuted. At the time, the police were often in action, making arrests everywhere. Over 50 people were arrested in the jurisdiction covered by the Tongjiaqiao Police Station in the Shapingba District alone. Everyone felt insecure as a wave of red terror enveloped the entire city.

The CCP police targeted Dafa practitioners right from the start. It is reported that the 50 plus people arrested by the Tongjiaqiao Police Station were all practitioners. The police brutally beat and even tortured those detained in order to force a "confession." Because of a brutal beating, practitioner Mr. Zhang Jingzhi suffered severe injuries and was taken to a hospital. Most of those arrested have since been released due to intense pressure from their families and the public. However, practitioners Mr. Zhang Jingzhi and Mr. Wen Tingyu are still detained. In the CCP media, not one word is said about Falun Gong.

In the beginning of 2009, after practitioners wrote many letters encouraging the police to be compassionate, many civilian police officers were mobilized to go to practitioners' homes to deceive the authors into identifying themselves. (See Clearwisdom article on April 2, 2009, "Bo Xilai Implements Red Terror in Chongqing City," http://clearwisdom.net/emh/articles/2009/4/2/106143.html)

3. These days, the CCP is once again slandering Dafa with displays in the community. They started another round of widespread harassment and persecution, trying to force practitioners to sign statements and submit to blood tests. The majority of practitioners resisted, but some were afraid and cooperated with them. In recent days, because the CCP is afraid that practitioners and the public will become disgusted with their behavior and use the law to resist them, they broadcast the pompous message that "civilian police will visit every home in the city" (see Chongqing Morning News April 27, 2009, page 7). In the article, it stated: "The police promise not to harass civilians." They said that visiting homes to inform people about the law is a long-term initiative of the police and that it will become the norm in the city.

4. Bo Xilai implemented widespread CCP activities in the city, including "red songfests," "red text messages," "red story-telling events," and "red poem recitals". These series of red events are poisoning people's minds.