(Clearwisdom.net) A college secretary for the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) attempted to coerce Ms. Han Yuguang, sister of practitioner Ms. Han Yuheng, to defame Falun Dafa. When Ms. Han refused, the secretary threatened to dismiss her from the college.

Ms. Han Yuheng is the director of the Middle School Education Office at the Qinhuangdao City Education Bureau, Hebei Province. While she was checking into a Beijing hotel during a business trip on February 21, 2009, a computer check indicated that she was a Falun Dafa practitioner. On this basis alone, she was arrested and later sentenced to two years of forced labor. Ms. Han's family appealed to multiple government offices, but no one took any action on her behalf.

After news of Ms. Han Yuheng's case appeared on the Internet, the police put pressure on her family members' employers to take action against Ms. Han's family.

Ms. Han Yuguang is Ms. Han's younger sister. She is the director of the Teaching and Research Office in the Construction Engineering Department at Qinhuangdao College, Daqing Petroleum Institute. College CCP Secretary Yu Weihua, Security Section Chief Fu Junlin, Department Chairman Zhao Shichang, and Department CCP Secretary Zhou Guojun threatened Ms. Han with dismissal from the institute on many occasions. They were attempting to coerce her to defame Falun Dafa and to write a repentance letter. Ms. Han refused. On the afternoon of May 5, Zhou Guojun and Zhao Shichang held a departmental meeting and dismissed Ms. Han from the CCP. They also told her that the next step would be to revoke her tenure.

Liu Yang, President, Daqing Petroleum Institute: 86-335-8065789 (Office), 86-335-8065769 (Home), 86-13903350557 (Cell)
Yu Weihua, CCP Secretary, Qinhuangdao College, Daqing Petroleum Institute: 86-335-8051355 (Office), 86-335-8065707 (Home), 86-13703234552 (Cell)
Li Dongming, Dean, Qinhuangdao College, Daqing Petroleum Institute: 86-335-8051352 (Office), 86-335-8065716 (Home), 86-13903350204 (Cell)