(Clearwisdom.net) Recently, a classified document issued by the 610 Office that targeted Falun Gong was exposed. This document was entitled, "On the Prevention and Control of Enemy Tendencies."

This document was signed by district-level 610 Offices and originated from the central 610 Office. It asked local judicial and law enforcement departments to "strengthen their political belief," improve their "tactical skills" and tighten their "political discipline." This document requested everyone to "coordinate well the preparations in the administration of justice," so as to avoid creating "a political farce" in which a Falun Gong practitioner is found to be innocent in a court of law. There are several points that can be taken away from this document.

1. The CCP no longer bothers with some of its longstanding lies

At the beginning of the persecution, the CCP had the pretense of safeguarding people's lives and property. The CCP promised to treat Falun Gong practitioners the way a doctor would his patients. But today, it calls the persecution of millions of people's beliefs a political battle, naming Falun Gong as the "enemy." Falun Gong stands for Truth-Compassion-Forbearance and the CCP is taking an ideological stand against it.

2. The CCP's loss of confidence

This document is a sign of the CCP's failure in its persecution of Falun Gong. In the beginning of the persecution, Jiang Zemin vowed to crush Falun Gong within three months. Now that ten years have passed, we no longer see such claims of victory, but rather of continuing the battle. For the CCP, which never admits its mistakes or its setbacks publicly, this amounts to an admission of the failure of its original goals.

3. No "law" to lean on

The CCP routinely abuses the law to harm people, yet it always claims to crack down on people based on "maintaining law and order". The past ten years of its persecution of Falun Gong is no exception, as it has touted "maintaining law and social stability" as a primary reason for detaining peaceful Falun Gong practitioners. Related to that, it has even ordered lawyers not to defend practitioners in court.

However, with the facts being exposed, many practitioners' families and lawyers are standing up to the CCP's threats and defending practitioners according to the law, turning in not-guilty pleas despite court orders not to do so.

This trend is now being seen as dangerous and worthy of attention of the CCP departments, to ensure that such "not guilty" pleas do not eventually turn into "not guilty" verdicts, referred to in the document as "political farces." This is a good indication of the CCP's insincerity when it comes to the rule of law.

4. The 610 office continues to be exposed

The document lays out detailed steps of what the 610 Office is to do to prevent not-guilty pleas and potential not-guilty verdicts. Below are some examples:

"The District 610 Office should dispatch people to court to audit proceedings of Falun Gong cases and help deal with any sudden situations."

"The District 610 Office shall coordinate and remind the court to set up the court environment and better choose a court that accommodates fewer people so they can restrict the number of people who come to court."

"Once they find lawyers from out of town, they shall make efforts to learn about the identities of these lawyers and the information of their law offices, especially if they have a tendency to unusual opinions, and report it to the City 610 Office as soon as possible."

"In view of possible unusual trends, the 610 Office shall work with police and domestic security units to dispatch police forces to investigate and collect evidence... and at the right time, prepare corresponding stand-by material for propaganda...if necessary, we can adopt the method of secretly collecting evidence and handling it afterwards if there are any counter-revolutionary propaganda activities outside of the court."

"The 610 Office shall stop any attempt by people to tape or record the court proceedings."

It is obvious that the 610 Office is deeply concerned about the implications of the Falun Gong cases. They want to prevent attorneys' submitting not-guilty pleas and defending practitioners, and they want to prevent the public from coming to the courts for the hearings. Moreover, they fabricate lies beforehand for propaganda purposes and set up special agents in order to arrest lawyers and family members if necessary.

All these things are done to prevent the "political farce" of a Falun Gong practitioner potentially being found innocent in a court of law. Isn't this whole process a farce in and of itself?