(Clearwisdom.net) Around one o'clock on the afternoon of April 4, 2009, Mr. Chen Handong was arrested while he was waiting for a train. Handong's home and job are in Qingdao. The policemen claimed he was a escaped convict. They then detained Handong in the Qingdao Road Detention Center. There he started a hunger strike to protest such persecution.

On the same night, around nine o'clock, he was then transferred to Jinhu County of Jiangsu Province Police Station Detention Center. National security officials tied him to an iron chair and put him on trial. Three police interrogation teams of two in each team questioned Handong continually. They did not allow him any sleep. Handong continued his hunger strike and refused to answer any questions.

The policemen had to send Handong to the hospital four times because he was suffering from severe dehydration. Each time he returned from the hospital, they continued to torture him. In such a small-town hospital, he was put in several different rooms. The last time, he was detained in a room for Obstetrics and Gynecology. Mr. Chen Handong continued to protest the abuse. Around six o'clock in the evening on April 17, he was finally released.

Individuals involved in this persecution:

Huan'an National Security Team Lead: Zhao (surname).

National Security of Jinhu Town:

Team Lead: Gu Song

Sub Team Lead: Zhang Yecai

The Police Station of Jinhu Town's Director: Yong Changhong (person in charge of the local criminal and national security team) ordered the arrest of Mr. Chen Handong without any proof of wrongdoing in 2007.