(Clearwisdom.net) Last weekend, a Fa Study and Experience-Sharing Meeting was held in Taiwan for the practice site assistants and coordinators in northern Taiwan. This meeting was initially intended just for the assistants. However, in the group that I was assigned to, there was a practitioner who has just started to practice Falun Gong half a year ago. During the sharing, she asked several questions about some phrases, which are not very clear but that we often use. One of her questions was what "obtaining the Fa" meant. One assistant kindly responded, "As long as one has started to study the Fa and practice the exercises, one can be said to have obtained the Fa, that is, one has already obtained Dafa, the Fa of the cosmos." At that time, the other practitioners present seemed to agree with this practitioner's response. When practitioners introduce themselves to others, one often says that he or she has "obtained the Fa" in a certain year and month. In the practitioners' sharing articles, we also see the practitioners' accounts of their experiences of "obtaining the Fa."

This afternoon, I recited Master's poem, "Obtaining Fa,"

"Genuinely cultivate Dafa,
Only this is great.
Assimilate to Dafa,
Some year, definitely succeed." (Hong Yin, English Translation Version B)

Only after I recited the poem, when my heart was moved, did I come to understand what Master means by "obtaining the Fa." It does not just refer to the shallow and surface meaning of "obtained Dafa," because there is a criterion for "obtaining the Fa." One needs to genuinely cultivate the Fa, take the Fa as the greatest and most important in one's life, and assimilate oneself into the Fa, and only in this way can one succeed in cultivation. So what we often refer to when we talk about "obtaining the Fa" is perhaps, in a strict sense, just "entering the door."

This is my understanding; please point out anything improper.

April 24, 2009