(Clearwisdom.net) I have been reading articles by fellow practitioners discussing how harmful electronic games are. The animals and elves in the games are indeed beings in other dimensions and will bring harm to those who play the games. However, I just hadn't paid much attention.

I had played games such as car racing or other games enhancing wisdom before I started to practice Dafa. I have restrained myself a little bit after practicing Dafa. However, when I had a little free time, I couldn't help but think of it. At home, I had my own computer that was used to break the internet blockade. I made sure that it was clean, free of any games or other entertainment things, but when I was at work with a personally dedicated PC, especially during the last ten minutes after work before sending righteous thoughts, I always felt the urge to play games. Whenever there was such a thought, my hand would touch the shortcut key to start the game. Sometimes, when it was time to send righteous thoughts, although I erected my palm to send righteous thoughts, some game scenes would occur in my mind from time to time. Later, I realized my state was not right, I decided to give it up. After reading some articles by fellow practitioners, I further realized I should not touch those games. However, with idle time passing by, I still felt the urge to play them especially when seeing the game icons on the PC. I kept telling myself that I would just play a little bit to relax myself after work. However, once it started, it went beyond control. I even missed the time to study the Fa in the evening. I felt regret again and again.

Last night, I had a dream. I saw a place like an entertainment park. I walked inside and there was a maze. When one entered into another scene, a level was accomplished, just like the enhancing-wisdom games I played before. Many people walked inside to play. I entered and it was easy for me to pass the first two levels. At the third level, it was the game to open a gate with the tools available in the scenes. Once the gate was unlocked, one would enter the next level. I saw a man and a woman in front of me passing the gate. I followed them and passed the gate as well. A green meadow occurred behind the gate. Just as I was thinking with pleasure that it was so easy to pass the level, a strong man stood in front of me like a devil and said I cheated the game on the third level and must be punished. I told him I just came to kill time and would leave soon. The man said, "You can't. Once you enter the game, you must play till you finish it. You have two choices -- starting over from the first level till you finish the whole game or being punished by mixing your blood with ice." I cried due to the fear. I said, "I don't know such a game rule. I can stop right now. I have many things to do. Please let me go." The man said, "No matter how busy you are, you can't go until you pass all the levels of the game." He called some other strong people to catch me. I cried loudly and really regretted entering such an evil trap out of my initial thought to have fun. I began to run and called, "Help me, Master! Help me, Master! I'm wrong. I will not play anymore." Suddenly, there was a white flash and somehow I was at the entrance of the game. Many people were still walking inside one after another. I cried and told them, the game was harmful to them and advised them not to enter. However, no one listened to me. Then I woke up.

The fear was still lingering after I woke up. My whole body ached. Looking straight at the ceiling, the dream felt so real. I felt I was still crying in my mind. I knew Master was helping me in getting rid of those harmful games completely. There is an old saying in the ordinary society, "Riding a hobby saps one's will to make progress." As a practitioner, it not only interferes with doing the Three Things but also disturbs one's mind because those beings in the games enter other dimensions, they will interfere with you.

I can't help but think of the young people, especially teenagers, who indulge themselves in games on the internet or the fictitious worlds in the internet cafes for long hours. Their parents even kneel down and beg the owners of the internet cafes to not let the teenagers play there. However, it is no use to those teenager's addictions to the internet games. Internet games are the degenerate products of the so-called advanced modern science. Most of the games are full of violence, pornography, and terror. Some games seem clean but it can make you addicted to them and unable to extricate yourself. I know some people in their middle age or old age who would play games all night long on holidays or during their free time after retiring. Some even admire them for this. Society has degenerated so much. How can teenagers who have no experience and knowledge distinguish good from bad in society to avoid such traps! Internet games indeed harm people badly.

After going to work, I did not hesitate to open my PC and delete all the games in it. At the beginning I was going to make a copy for my colleague. While doing so, I suddenly realized, "What am I doing? I am harming others! I don't play but why did I encourage others to play such harmful things?" I stopped copying and permanently deleted all the games.

I still often think about the matter. I clearly know I have a strong attachment to fun. Why do I keep finding all kinds of excuses to have my way instead of eliminating it? Why is it that only after encountering the danger and being saved by Master, I was finally determined to eliminate it? The fundamental reason is, I'm not serious about my cultivation. This has rung an alarm and is a lesson to me. Cultivation is serious, the Fa does not allow a practitioner to slack off. Of course, one must go through different tests. However, any tests cannot be repeated. If you didn't pass a test, you can only make it up later during cultivation. So we must be diligently advancing, more diligently advance so we can do well every step of the way.

May 13, 2009