(Clearwisdom.net) Posters explaining the truth about the persecution of Falun Gong were posted in a certain county in Sichuan Province. Zhou Youngkang, a CCP officer, went to this county on the 20th of March and saw the posters. He regarded it as an important case to investigate. Two practitioners from our city went to this county to clarify the truth in January of this year and were arrested by local police, so they suspected that practitioners from our city had put up these posters. They tried to persecute the practitioners in our city and the adjacent counties. The practitioners in these cities and counties did not form one body well, and the police forced the previously arrested practitioners, who were already in their data banks, to have their fingerprints taken. In the city where I live, many practitioners also did not form one body well. As a result, the police forced these practitioners to have their fingerprints taken and ransacked their houses. Because practitioners did not study the Fa in a group, they had lost their righteous thoughts. When the police went to these practitioners' houses, they were scared and cooperated with the authorities and thus had their fingerprints taken. This included practitioners who had done well in the past. I heard that only one practitioner had strong righteous thoughts and did not cooperate with the police. Instead, he clarified the truth to them and his two non-practitioner daughters condemned the police.

Practitioners from the township where the two practitioners were arrested insisted on group Fa-study and sending forth righteous thoughts long term. Even though the situation sometimes got tense, they did not stop group Fa-study. During this incident, the practitioners in this township were very calm and no police went to practitioners' homes to harass them. A few plainclothes policemen patrolling the street pretended not to see anything. Practitioners clarified the truth in public as usual and were not interfered with. An officers at the police station that had participated in persecuting practitioners before understood the truth after practitioners clarified it to him. When he saw a senior female practitioner distributing fliers, he pulled her gently aside and reminded her to be careful and said it was not good if the other policeman that accompanied him saw her distributing fliers. He also told her that he would not do any evil deeds.

Studying the Fa in a group is the best way Master has left us with to improve as one body. It is also the best way to negate the persecution. If we want to truly cultivate ourselves, we must do it according to Master's requirements.