(Clearwisdom.net) The Masanjia Forced Labor Camp is in Shenyang City, Liaoning Province. The Third Brigade of the Women's Division consists of an "extreme restriction unit" and three "strict restriction units." The extreme restriction unit specializes in persecuting "non-transformable" practitioners.

Most of the practitioners in the extreme restriction unit are weak due to lengthy hunger strikes. They are monitored by a chief guard who is in charge, and a chief of the guard who is on duty. The chief of the guard on duty is in the room 24 hours a day. In addition, there is a room monitor supervisor and two monitors who watch the practitioners in six hours shifts.

Around the time of the 2008 Beijing Olympics, the following practitioners were held in the extreme restriction unit: Ms. Zhou Guiqin, in her 60's, from Liaoning Province, Ms. Xu Hui, in her 50's, Ms. Liu Yanqin, in her 50's, Ms. Wang Qingyan, around 40, Ms. Xia Ning, in her 50's, from Beijing, Ms. Tao Yuqin, in her 50's who was released in January 2009, Ms. Zhang Lianying, in her 30's, and an unknown practitioner who had high blood pressure, was bed ridden, and later transferred.

Ms. Xu Hui and Ms. Xia Ning are still on a hunger strike. They are steadfast in their faith even after suffering many torture techniques. They have endured force-feeding twice a day, and have insisted that they, "Won't eat the food of the camp. All I am asking is that as an innocent person, I be set free." Ms. Xu is suffering from a prolapsed rectum.

Ms. Zhou Guiqin has heart disease, and walks slowly. Ms. Liu Yanqin became infected with scabies after being imprisoned at the camp for a long time. Three other practitioners in the Xigang confined area were also infected.

Ms. Tao Yuqin was subjected to the "Big Hang Up" torture in the camp in 2007. The guards handcuffed her left hand to a radiator under a window, and her right hand to a radiator pipe from the roof, then gradually pulled the right handcuff. Ms. Tao's arms were stretched out straight but not parallel to the ground. Her body was bent. As a result, her right arm was injured and became crippled. During the "strict policing", she was subjected to further torture which led to chronic diarrhea. Ms. Tao was released at the end of 2008. She is unable to bend or move her right arm, hand or fingers.

Ms. Zhang Lianying did not cooperate while she was in the camp. She would not wear a sign, count, sign the inspection sheet, or sing camp songs. She was subjected to the "Big Hang Up", electric shocks and was beaten many times. She was transferred from a strict restriction unit to the extreme restriction unit at the beginning of 2009.

Instead of being "transformed", Ms. Wang Qinyan helped practitioners who had given up their faith to resume practicing Falun Dafa while she was in the Xigang confined area. She was then put in the Donggang extreme restriction unit. At the beginning of 2009, guard Dong Bin beat and kicked her until her mouth swelled. The following day, the guard forced her to wear a mouthpiece to cover up injuries from the beating.

Ms. Li Hong, from Dalian, served her full term by the end of April 2009, but is still imprisoned.

Ms. Wang Lijun, also from Dalian, served the full term by the Chinese New Year of 2009. The camp did not release her until the evening of the day she was to be released.