(Clearwisdom.net) I thought that I had eliminated the attachment of zealotry. Today when I was making truth clarifying materials, I read some articles I downloaded from Minghui website. I read that a fellow practitioner clarified the truth to a person and after this person understood the truth he thanked the practitioner. The practitioner replied, "Don't thank me. If you want to thank someone, please thank my Master." At this point in time, something rang in my mind. The attachment to validating myself was exposed. I was shocked. When I was persuading people to renounce their CCP membership, when someone thanked me I accepted it without shame. I would even relate it with a lot of pride to my fellow practitioner. Subconsciously, I thought that it was my own capability. This attachment was hidden very deeply and I wasn't even able to detect it. When we are successful in any Dafa tasks, why is it that the first thought we have is not based on Master's arrangements behind everything? Why is it that we do not possess a humble heart in front of our great Master? Sigh! I am really ashamed of myself!

"I" in front of Master and Dafa must always be humble at all times. If we do not have Master and Dafa's presence, it will be difficult to proceed. We are particles within Dafa; we are validating Dafa and not ourselves!

In front of my family members who are fellow practitioners, I am usually very brash and proud without any reservations. Do I think that I am better than others? Am I validating myself? My family members are also practitioners, how could I be so inconsiderate of Master's disciples? Is it that I did not place priority in Master? It is really terrible! From today onwards, I must study the Fa more diligently and really get rid of this attachment of mine from the roots.

May 11, 2009