(Clearwisdom.net) I am Liao Sihua, 51 years old, and the wife of Mr. Li Xianghai. We lived in the No. 127 apartment in Dongfeng No. 2 Village of Tangjiatou, Jiangbei District, Chongqing City. On the afternoon of June 20, 2008, my husband was secretly arrested by Communist agents at Suyuan Road in the Jiangning Development Zone in Nanjing City. I do not know his current whereabouts and have not heard from him since his arrest.

My husband, 50 years old, was a mechanical engineer in the second construction section of Dongfeng Shipyard in Chongqing City. In June 2000, he went to Beijing to appeal for Falun Gong. He was detained for 15 days by Chongqing police and then subsequently fired from his job. I spoke up for my husband and Falun Gong with regard to this matter. Within 10 days, I was fired from my job as a teacher. I was transferred and had to become a wall painter. I did this job for 3 days and was then fired by the factory as well. I was detained for 30 days, and from then on, both of us were forced to wander around homeless to avoid persecution.

In 2005, with a friend's recommendation, we started employment at a private company. We went to the No. 66 Yinxian of Suyuan Road in the Jiangning Development Zone in Nanjing City to work for a materials and finance job for the company.

On June 20, 2008, Li Xianghai finished his job in the factory and went to his living quarters, which were about 150 meters away, to make his lunch. Suddenly, three police cars arrived and took him away. At the same time, they confiscated a computer and a safe box. In the safe box there were accounting documents and funds of 82 thousand yuan (34 thousand of it was cash). They also confiscated my personal printer, 3 cell phones, 3 MP3 players, and some Falun Gong materials.

According to sources, the work units who participated in this persecution were the 610 Office, the Domestic Security Team, the Nanjing City Police Department, and the Yinxiang Police Station of the Jiangning Development Zone in Nanjing City.

After Li Xianghai was arrested, his work unit called the Yinxiang Police Station and sent someone to the police station on June 29. All the relevant personnel in the police station denied that there were 82 thousand yuan in the safe box. Another one lied that they had already opened the safe box and there were only Falun Gong materials inside. They videotaped what they saw in the safe box as evidence. Another policeman said that they confiscated the computer and safe box and would not return either of them.

When Li Xianghai was taken away, he was only wearing an old, worn T-shirt and a pair of casual pants. He could not take any other clothing with him. Currently, the whereabouts of my husband is unknown. Is his life in danger? I am alone in a foreign place and am in a dire situation. I hope that kindhearted people and NGOs will help me!