(Clearwisdom.net) Truth-clarification is a process for us to constantly let go of human notions. In this way, our shortcomings as well as our human notions are exposed and eliminated so that we can do better in explaining the truth and saving sentient beings.

I have often heard other practitioners complaining about how degenerated people have become. When we tell these people the facts and encourage them to quit the CCP, they often argue with us. Here I want to share my personal opinions.

Because of contamination from society, especially the theories of atheism and class struggle, many people's efforts are directed towards seeking a life rich in material things. They take it for granted that they should fight for fame, self-interest, and sentiment. We, however, as people walking on the path to being a god, are Dafa disciples of Teacher. There are already big gaps between us and other people. How can we measure a person who is still immersed in karma against Fa principles and expect them to understand us? We have to be clear on this. We are to save sentient beings with compassion, not argue with them . We cannot have negative feelings or hatred towards people when they do not understand us or say something negative. They are sentient beings in danger, and we can only have compassion for them, not complaints against them of any kind.

When truth-clarification does not go well, we should not complain about others. Instead, we should examine ourselves to see if we have human notions or omissions. Teacher has told us that, when we have conflicts with people, it is always our fault. Apparently, whenever we are unable to clarify the truth well to people, we have shortcomings ourselves. Some practitioners have not read through the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party and some seldom read the truth-clarification materials or the booklets, so how can they do well in truth-clarification? Without knowing the CCP's terrible history and being able to provide examples to support talking points, we have difficulty being credible and convincing. When we try to encourage people to quit the CCP and its subordinate organizations, some practitioners say, "You have to quit the CCP. Otherwise, you will lose your life when a calamity comes." This intimidates people instead of helping them understand the truth.

Some practitioners do not have good manners and sometimes even say bad words. When people did not agree to quit the CCP, these practitioners lose patience and become agitated, which makes it harder for people to accept the truth and quit the CCP. Other practitioners who, when clarifying the truth, have strong attachments to fighting, showing off, egotism, and focusing too much on the number of people that quit the CCP as a measure of finishing the assignment. When people raise questions and parrot the CCP's propaganda, these practitioners tend to be unhappy and even start to argue. They complain about people and look down upon them. Some kept talking on and on, as if showing off their own knowledge and do not consider whether others can understand. It is hard to achieve good results this way.

The reason I list these above examples is not to criticize other practitioners. I just feel that we need to do better in Fa-study, cultivating ourselves, and letting go of attachments. In this way, we can do better in truth-clarification and saving sentient beings.

Dafa disciples are one body. On the surface, we are doing things as individuals; in fact, things could be done because of our group's effort. Some practitioners think they are responsible for a certain number of people quitting the CCP. In fact, other practitioners may have already laid the foundation for you with those people. On the surface, we are clarifying the truth to one person; in fact, we are saving sentient beings in an entire dimension. On the surface, we are making efforts to clarify the truth; in fact, it is Teacher who is helping us do all this. As long as our starting point is right, that is, our thoughts are righteous, Teacher will help us and provide us with more wisdom.

We have been walking through hardship for 10 years. Now we need to have a clear understanding on how to walk the final steps well and how to save more sentient beings. We cannot have hatred towards everyday people; we can only have compassion. Every practitioner needs to find his or her own shortcomings and human notions, so that we can do better in saving sentient beings and fulfilling our vows. We are not doing things for Dafa, we are not doing things for Teacher, nor are we doing things for other people. We are fulfilling our own responsibilities.