(Clearwisdom.net) Nowadays people are all very busy. As Dafa practitioners, we are busier than other people. We are busy saving sentient beings, busy clarifying the truth about Dafa, and busy honoring our prehistoric vows. We do not want to have any regrets when we leave this earthly world, nor do we want to leave behind anyone who has a predestined relationship with Dafa. Teacher has allowed us this time to save sentient beings and achieve right fruit in our cultivation. Therefore, all our fellow practitioners are very busy.

During the New Year's holidays, a fellow practitioner and his family continued to distribute truth-clarifying materials while returning to their hometown in Northeast China. Due to heavy snow and cold weather, it was a difficult drive. Fellow practitioners who traveled with them asked Teacher for strength. They sent forth righteous thoughts to eliminate the bad weather and the rotten demons that prevented sentient beings from being saved. As soon as they arrived at a village, everyone became very busy. The young practitioners followed their parents door to door to save people. It was so cold that their noses were frozen and red.

The practitioner who was driving was busier than the others were. Each time he arrived at a village, he would send forth righteous thoughts for the practitioners who distributed the materials. He was very busy watching the road, looking for the next village. While others could use the time on the road as a chance to take a break, the driver had to concentrate on driving on the slippery road in the heavy snow at night. To keep himself focused, he had to bite his own tongue from time to time. He drove for more than twenty consecutive hours without a break.

During the New Year's holiday, we delivered the Good News of Dafa to sentient beings in the remote mountain area. At the sight of our pure thought of saving sentient beings, Teacher and righteous gods helped us. Due to heavy snow prior to the New Year, many roads and villages were blocked. On the mountain road, it was common to see a car being dragged by a carriage. But there were no blocks on our route. People with predestined relationships in that area received the truth of Dafa on New Year's Eve. Thank you Teacher for your compassionate arrangements. Thank you fellow practitioners for your perfect harmony and great efforts.

Speaking of being "busy", every practitioner is busy doing things in his or her own way. Some stand on the street every day, clarifying the truth to people face to face. Some go to the countryside by bus, distributing truth-clarification materials and persuading people to quit the CCP. Everyone is busy with what he should be busy with. I remember an older practitioner who started practicing in 2004. She stays very busy saving people every day from one street to another. She often says: "I started late. If others study one lecture of Zhuan Falun, I should study two. If others practice the exercises once, I should practice twice. If others save one person, I should save two. Otherwise, I cannot catch up with others." She is busy every day.

Recently, two local practitioners were reported to the police when they clarified the truth to people face to face. One practitioner escaped; the other was arrested. Another practitioner who got the news immediately notified another practitioner, then another, who notified more practitioners. Soon the practitioners combined to work as one. They got on the Internet, exposed the evil, and sent forth righteous thoughts. They tried to contact the family of the arrested practitioner. They contacted a lawyer, who then helped the family ask for the release of the arrested practitioner. Everyone was busy rescuing their fellow practitioner.

Of course there is another type of "busy person" among our fellow practitioners. They are busy with their work, careers and businesses in ordinary human society. Some stay busy with their sons, daughters and parents. They are too busy to join the group Fa study and send forth righteous thoughts. They are sleepy while studying the Fa. Their hand gestures change while sending forth righteous thoughts. Think about it: If the Fa-rectification period is over tomorrow, in which way should we be busy?

Can we do the three things well if we are too busy with ordinary things? Can we not be interfered with or persecuted? Fellow practitioners! We are one body. Only in Dafa and in the whole body can we reflect our greater wisdom and strength, constantly find our faults, eliminate various attachments, not to be taken advantage of or persecuted by the old forces, gradually correct every single thought and walk on the divine path steadfastly. We are one body. I suggest, fellow practitioners, for the entirety of the Fa-rectification, please assimilate to this whole body and busy yourselves with the three things unselfishly.