(Clearwisdom.net) Whenever there are so-called "sensitive days" or another group of practitioners are persecuted, some practitioners say, "We need to avoid these crucial times." "We need to be careful and not allow the evil to take advantage of us (persecute us)." How should we be careful? The approach tends to be sending forth righteous thoughts more frequently at home, which temporarily reduces or stops the amount of truth-clarifying work. After a while, if it turns out not much is happening, then they'll resume their normal activity. If the evil Party starts another wave of harassment, this cycle then repeats itself.

In the midst of being persecuted, there are losses to validating Dafa and saving sentient beings. Therefore, Master has told us in multiple lectures that we need to pay attention to safety. However, some practitioners treat "not being persecuted" as the starting point from which to consider problems and the baseline of cultivation.

Every time I thought about this, I felt that something was wrong, but I could not figure out what the problem was. Paying attention to safety in order to avoid bringing loss to Fa-rectification--nothing is wrong with that. One day I read in one of Master's lectures:

"Under absolutely no circumstance should a Dafa disciple be transformed by the evil--even if it's to expose the persecution. Besides, exposing the persecution is not the ultimate purpose of a Dafa disciple's cultivation. So we cannot have other students who haven't completely removed their human attachments follow suit, and even less so should the book be promoted among students on the websites for students."("Master's Fa Taught in the International Teleconference") Translator's note: A reference to a certain book published by a Dafa practitioner.

Now I understood: avoiding persecution is not the final goal of our cultivation.

In order to validate Dafa and reduce loss, paying attention to safety is right. However, paying attention to safety because one is afraid of being persecuted places oneself as the starting point. That is, to put safety as the prerequisite to validating Dafa is using Master's Fa as the excuse to cover the attachment. This is not just selfishness, it is also using Dafa.

"I'm not Jesus, and I'm not Sakyamuni, but the Fa has created millions and millions of Jesuses and Sakyamunis who have the courage to walk the path of Truth, who have the courage to risk their lives for the sake of the Truth, and who have the courage to devote their lives to saving sentient beings. (Long applause) Each of you Dafa disciples should truly recognize who you are and walk your path well. You really are that magnificent, so you have to rationally and seriously do well the things you're supposed to do today." ("Teaching the Fa at the Washington, D.C. Fa Conference")

Master gave us the honor of being Dafa disciples during the Fa-rectification period and also gave us the task of validating Dafa, eliminating evil, and saving sentient beings. How are we doing? We put our minds on how we can be safe and to dodge responsibilities in the terror of being persecuted. By making personal safety the priority, the fame of Dafa and the safety of sentient beings are no longer that important. Without enlightenment from Dafa, how can we become enlightened beings and how can we own the ability to eliminate evil and dissolve the persecution?

Fa-rectification has come to the final end of the final end. Every opportunity will soon be gone. Let us all change our starting point, let go of our human notions, and treat each "crazy wave" of evil as a good opportunity for self-improvement. It is imperative that we improve ourselves as soon as possible and reach the standard required by Dafa. We need to complete our tasks better, be proud of our names, not do things we will regret, and not disappoint Master's mercy.

The above is my personal understanding. Please be compassionate in pointing out anything inappropriate.

April 22nd, 2009