(Clearwisdom.net) We often say that we need to negate the old forces' arrangements, but we cannot fulfill this if we only say it with our mouths. To truly do so, we must solidly cultivate and validate the Fa, by following the Fa's requirements.

In the current major project of assisting Master in the Fa-rectification-- the Shen Yun shows, the entire process is done by Master perfectly. But why are the results not so perfect in some regions? Obviously, one important reason is the old forces' interference. In fact, everything that Master does for disciples and sentient beings, in the process of the Fa-rectification, is all perfect, encompassing all dimensions from the microscopic to macroscopic, without omission. The old forces and divine beings who are not involved in the Fa-rectification have witnessed all of this perfect grace, and have no single trace of complaint, but only gratitude, because the old forces or even consummated Dafa disciples in the future can absolutely not fulfill such a mission!

In the past, those enlightened beings who descended to earth to save people, had to choose a time when human morality had not been corrupted too badly, and even so, they could only save a person's assistant spirit (not the main conscience, or primordial spirit). Even enduring so much hardship, they still could not save more souls. Today, Master has come to provide salvation to sentient being at the time that human morality has become corrupted to the worst extreme, and He is saving our main consciences, bringing us back to the positions of Lords and Kings of the cosmos. This is unprecedented in the cosmos' history, unthinkable by gods. Seeing that Master is doing such a great thing, the heavenly beings of course admire Master's grace. But why do the old forces dare to interfere in the Fa-rectification? The truth is that all their interference is aimed at Dafa disciples, and it has no relationship to our Master.

Many disciples think that the process of hosting Shen Yun shows has to do with how we pull the audience into the theater, through advertising, putting up posters, seeking sponsorships, etc. If this is the case, then it is no different than ordinary people doing things. The true situation is that Master has arranged everything for us, from choosing the venue, promotion, posting posters, passing out flyers, to negotiating sponsorship. Even before we dive into the work, Master has filled the theater with sentient beings. It looks like we are doing all sorts of tasks coordinated by the local coordinators, but in reality, Master has arranged each person's duties and has high expectation for each person's work.

When we fail to reach the requirements Master set, such as only posting 70% of the posters due to human attachments, or we use too much money on advertising instead seeking free ads through clarifying the truth, the direct result is that we push sentient beings, who were already seated by Master, out of the theater.

Speaking from a human viewpoint, failing to do our task well causes many "seated" sentient beings not to come to the show. Speaking from a higher level, the old forces' interference caused us to fail to do our task well. All disciples, no matter how well or poorly we have cultivated, all have some human attachments. Gods in heaven see us clearly: how many divine thoughts we carry; how many human attachments we have; whether we are trying to validate the Fa or ourselves; whether we can put down our selves to cooperate with each other; and to what degree we can reach a state of unselfishness.

When we are doing specific tasks, the old forces are testing and interfering with us, aiming at our human attachments. If we can uphold our xinxing standard, remain unmoved in the face of all kinds of interference, and reach the standard as cultivators, then Master can remove that layer of human substance for us, and we ascend. Genuine upgrading manifests through the painful getting rid of human attachments; this is an unchangeable principle in our cultivation--be it during the peaceful personal cultivation period before "April 25", 1999, in today's cultivation amidst Fa-rectification, or in future cultivation post Fa-rectification. Disciples are all being interfered with due to the human attachments we still have. The level of our cultivation manifests through how many sentient beings we can save. If we carry human attachments while doing Dafa work, we block sentient beings from being saved. When we do Dafa work while actively cultivating our xinxing, we then reach the requirement of the Fa, and the old forces dare not interfere.

We all know that Master has a standard in Fa-rectification. If we do not reach Master's standard, but follow our own notions and attachments instead, we are no different than the old forces; we are doing what the old forces are doing--how then can we negate the old force's arrangement? Before cultivating, we were beings in the old cosmos, we inherited a billion years' development according to the old forces. If we are not on the Fa, we are walking on the path of the old forces; how can we then negate the old forces? There is no restriction between qi of the same level. Therefore, negating the old forces' arrangements is not merely a statement, but can be reached only by constantly assimilating to the Fa, thus reaching the Fa's requirement. Only the Fa can rectify everything and fundamentally negate the old forces' arrangements.