May 4

Ms. Chen Zhenping was arrested before the Beijing Olympics Games, and then was sentenced to prison for eight years. Her younger daughter has been forced to leave home to avoid the persecution.

May 6

Vicious methods continue to be used at Suihua Forced Labor Camp.

The arrest on March 31, 2009 of Mr. Yang Guoshu and his family is only the most recent in a series of persecutions.

May 7

A first peson account of unusually severe persecution including the injection of drugs at Heilongjiang Province Women's Prison.

May 8

Ms Yang was arrested by police who spoke of meeting a 'quota' of practitioners to arrest.

May 9

Mr . Liu Yujian has been released from Gaoyang Forced Labor Camp in Hebei Province in very poor condition. His family fears he will soon die, and if he recovers, the labor camp will take him back for hard labor.

Huang Ling describes the arrest of her and her husband, the interrogation of their eight-year-old daughter leading to the arrest of another practitioner, her imprisonment and torture and what she saw others endure, slave labor producing a profit for the labor camp, and more.

Mr. Zhang Xingwu is a former professor at Normal University of Jinan City. His 'trial' was marked by heavy outside security, the absense of his lawyer, no witnesses actually testifying, and false testimony attributed to his wife. and its Chinese-language sister-website ( provide first-hand reports about the horrors of the persecution of Falun Gong in China. Dozens of reports are received every day from the victims of torture, the wrongfully imprisoned, and families crippled by the senseless hardship and grief for their loved ones imposed by the persecution. In contrast, the websites also report positive news and events from the more than 80 countries around the world where Falun Gong is practiced, and serve as an online forum for practitioners to share stories of the good things Falun Gong has brought to their lives. For more information, please contact