(Clearwisdom.net) Some practitioners talk about looking inward and they are doing so, but when we search deeply a bit more, we find that we did not truly look inward. Many times we only searched inward on the most superficial level. Master has emphasized that we should look inward whether we are right or wrong. This is looking inward without condition. I remember that some time ago, a fellow practitioner wrote in his article, "If we look inward, the evil in other dimensions would be deterred at once."

Some time ago for various reasons I encountered conflicts with one of my relatives. By human reasoning, he was definitely wrong. A few of my other relatives had also blamed him. I felt very angry towards him in my heart. As I did not argue with him even though he had wronged me, it seemed as though I had tolerated him. After I calmed down and thought about it carefully, I realized this incident did not happen without a reason. We learn from the Fa that if a practitioner runs into conflict, it is definitely that the practitioner has an attachment to let go.

Whether on the surface we are right or wrong, we must look inward. Thus, I found the reason. It was that I was not compassionate enough towards him. Although he has renounced his CCP membership, I did not help him fundamentally understand the truth about Dafa. He did not see the true nature of the CCP and did not really understand the beauty of Dafa. He did not recognize the good fortune brought to him by having a practitioner around him and that this brings the hope of him being saved. He did not realize that being disrespectful to Dafa was doing something wrong. It is because I did not clarify the truth to the point that he understood everything, so ultimately I was not responsible to him.

This is my own understanding: To truly cultivate in Dafa, we should seethe goodness in others and search for our own shortcomings. Then we will see a clear blue sky.

April 13, 2009