(Clearwisdom.net) Ms. Zhang Liqin is a Falun Gong practitioner in Qianan City, Hebei Province. Police arrested her before the Beijing Olympics. She is currently held at the Qianan City Detention Center. The officials put Ms. Zhang Huiqin under house arrest this far. Below are incidents that happened to Ms. Zhang Liqin and Ms. Zhang Huiqin.

1. Ms. Zhang Liqin held at the Qianan Detention Center

Ms. Zhang Liqin, 45 years old, a teacher, had gone to Shangzhuang Town in Qianan City the evening of May 22, 2008 to distribute truth-clarification materials at three villages including Taoxin and Dingzhuang. Someone reported her to the police who arrested and tortured her for three days. They used electric batons to shock her, leaving her with blisters all over her body. She is still held at the Qianan City Detention Center, although her term has expired.

Ms. Zhang Liqin was ill with a leg condition in 1998 and was bedridden. Many major hospitals could not cure it. Then she heard Falun Gong could improve health and heal illnesses. She decided to give it a try and began to practice. Within ten days the leg pain vanished, and she was able to ride a bicycle.

After the CCP and Jiang's regime incepted the persecution of Falun Gong, police arrested Ms. Zhang Liqin while she taught her class. Then police went to her home to confiscate Falun Gong books. Her two-year-old son was left alone at home when she was arrested. He was terrified and cried loudly. A good-hearted fellow teacher took the toddler to Ms. Zhang's elder sister's place, about 10 kilometers away.

Ms. Zhang Liqin was cruelly tortured once she arrived at a brainwashing center. Her husband came from Beijing to visit her, and the couple stayed together at the brainwashing center. A month later Ms. Zhang became pregnant. She kept vomiting and could only drink some water. One day 610 Office head Yang Yulin told her to go upstairs to watch television. Yang Yulin said fiercely, "You think you can get away by being pregnant? No way! I will not let you go!" Then he laughed wildly.

Ms. Zhang had a severe stomachache the following day. She began to bleed, which lasted for several days. Even so, the officials ordered her to run in the yard while carrying a bag of sand in the front. Following that, they ordered her to hand-wash clothing for them in cold water.

By the end of the year 610 Office head Yang intensified the abuse and deprived her sleep for three days. They designated people to keep watching her, two people to a shift; each shift lasted two hours. They slapped her in the face whenever she took a nap.

Within one year after Ms. Zhang Liqin returned to teach school, Domestic Security Division personnel sent people to search her dormitory and found an MP3 player. They sent her to a detention center and held her for 15 days. She began a hunger strike as soon as she arrived. On the 8th day, officials demanded her to pay 15 days' living expenses and released her. Within 10 days after her release, Yang Yulin forced school officials to send her to brainwashing center, subjecting her to additional misery. She was eventually able to escape but decided to flee her home, to avoid further persecution.

Her coworkers said of Ms. Zhang, "She is a trustworthy person. She arrived early each day to clean the room and lit the stove, which is tedious and dirty. She never complained about anything.

Her husband divorced her for practicing Falun Gong. She has not received any pay for nearly 10 years and lost her freedom. The CCP is really vicious."

2. Ms. Zhang Huiqin became homeless to avoid further persecution

Ms. Zhang Huiqin is a 42-year-old practitioner in Qianan City, Hebei Province. The evening of May 22, 2008 she went to distribute truth-clarification materials in three villages at Shangzhuang Town in Qianan City, including Taoxin and Dingzhuang. Someone reported her to the police who arrested her.

Ms. Zhang Huiqin lost consciousness and kept twitching following her arrest and remained on the ground for one day in the Domestic Security Division. Despite her condition, several policemen occasionally came by to kick her and said, "She is still breathing and not dead yet. Very soon we will send her to the crematory, and that's it."

Late in the evening, police took Ms. Zhang Huiqin to her mother-in-law's place. Three or four people carried her inside the room. By then, her upper clothing was already torn, and she was unconscious and had soiled and wet her pants. She also had extensive hair loss, a bruised and swollen face, and a large bump on the left leg. When her mother-in-law saw her, she did not want to let the police avoid responsibility by leaving Ms. Zhang at her home. However, the police rushed back to their the car and fled.

At about 9:00 a.m. the next day, on May 23, two police cars arrived at Ms. Zhang Huiqin's home. The people in the vehicle used their master keys and went into the home.

Since then, police often came to her home; sometimes in the morning, sometimes in the afternoon, evening, or even in the middle of the night. They parked their vehicles along the roadside.

When it was time for the Beijing Olympics, CCP officials personally visited the village officials and demanded they find Ms. Zhang Huiqin and arrest her. Police made two village officials drive 15 kilometers to Ms. Zhang Huiqin's sister's place to find her. Her brother-in-law was so upset that he had heart attack over this and had to be hospitalized. Another time, right after the persecutors left, the brother-in-law collapsed, dislocated a bone in his foot, and had to be hospitalized again.