(Clearwisdom.net) On November 4, 2008, the forced labor camp in Jinzhou City transferred 16 practitioners to the No. 1 Division of the Masanjia Forced Labor Camp in Shenyang City. Upon arrival, the guards at the Masanjia camp forced these practitioners to take off their clothes in order to carry out a general physical examination. During this process, the practitioners were insulted and were forced to put on prison uniforms. They were ordered to stand still and face the wall, and then the guards began to attempt to make the practitioners renounce their belief.

Mr. Liu Cheng was beaten severely and handcuffed behind his back for shouting "Falun Dafa is good." The guards ordered inmates to use clear tape to seal his mouth and took away his crutches. Mr. Liu had been sentenced to forced labor three times. He was forced to stand for a long period of time as a form of punishment while he was in the Jinzhou Forced Labor Camp. As a result, his left leg was crippled and he could not walk without crutches.

On November 5, the prison guards at the Masanjia camp tried to use force on the practitioners, who had refused to write the three statements. As they still did not compromise, they were subjected to a torture called "stretching." In this torture method, handcuffs are used to secure the victim's hands and legs to two bed frames; the guards then stretch the person in four directions. Practitioners who endured this torture included Mr. Wang Jingzhong, Mr. Zhao Yu, Mr. Zhang Xiaohua, Mr. Liu Xuezhi and Mr. Liu Cheng. The guards shouted, "If Liu Cheng still refuses to write the three statements, we will chop off one of his legs." At the end of December, Mr. Liu declared that he wanted to return to practicing Falun Dafa; therefore, he was tortured once again. In March 2009, he was once again forced to write a guarantee statement.

In November 2008, when Mr. Cui Dejun from Dalian was forced to "study," he stated that he wanted to resume cultivation. The inmates reported this to the guards and the guards took Mr. Cui away. He was handcuffed and forced to listen to recordings that slandered Falun Dafa.

In December, the leaders from the Liaoning Provincial Department came to inspect the Masanjia camp. When they questioned Mr. Cui, he spoke out for Falun Dafa. Thereafter, he was locked up in a storage room. As a result, Mr. Cui was seriously injured and had difficulty moving around. One evening when it was time to go to bed, Mr. Cui asked another practitioner to help him to lay out his bedding, and guard Wang Yanmin saw this. Wang threatened the practitioner not to help Mr. Cui. The following day, another policeman tortured Mr. Cui and also beat the practitioner who had wanted to help him. Ever since that time, no one has dared to help him. As of today, Mr. Cui still has not recovered from his injuries.

In November, Mr. Sun Yi was forced to stand for a long time, as punishment for resuming cultivation. Mr. Sun protested with a hunger strike and was force-fed.

In December, Mr. Li Baozhong from Beizhen Township suffered from high blood pressure as a result of the inhuman torture he was subjected to. He informed the guards, and the evildoers escorted him to the Masanjia hospital. Mr. Li was hospitalized for about half a month and authorities at the forced labor camp took advantage of his condition to extort 4,500 yuan from his family. He was then sent back to the labor camp. Mr. Li has been released because his forced labor term expired.