(Clearwisdom.net) Each Dafa practitioner tries his or her best to do the work of validating Dafa and saving sentient beings in different environments. I left my hometown to work for a private company. The local situation was not good, and in order to remain safe, I distributed some truth-clarification materials at work, and used indirect methods to introduce Dafa. First I exposed the Chinese Communist Party's (CCP) corruption, karmic retribution, supernormal phenomena and prophesies, and then talked about the freedom of belief, human rights and the persecution of Falun Gong, as well as compassion.

I am not very diligent and have difficulty living up to Master's requirement to clarify the truth face to face boldly. I am very anxious and regretful about it. In the past I was persecuted several times, so I know that if I don't cultivate well, I will be unable to guarantee my safety and save sentient beings effectively. Only by studying the Fa more and cultivating myself diligently and sending forth righteous thoughts can I validate the Fa well in a complex environment.

I now realize my gap. It is the reason why I used some special ways to protect myself while validating the Fa. In my ordinary work I do things according to Dafa's requirements, willingly bear the burden of hard work, and don't seek fame and gain. After a long period of time I found that I didn't meet the requirements of the Fa-rectification, because no matter how well I did the work and how good my character was, people at most just thought that I was a person of good character. They didn't connect me with Dafa because I didn't tell them I was a Dafa practitioner. Whereas I previously thought that my efforts would allow my colleagues to understand Dafa's beauty, in fact it wasn't the case. I didn't validate the Fa and wasted a lot of time.

No matter how much we clarify the truth indirectly, our ultimate goal is to let people know the truth about Dafa. Master told us:

"Think about it: Even people's claim that they have evolved from apes is able to be highly regarded. Yet with this great Dafa of the universe, you are embarrassed to give it a correct position--this is human beings' true shame." ("Environment" in Essentials for Further Advancement)

If you gradually let people know you are cultivating Dafa, all of your words and actions will show you are validating Dafa, and they can come to a correct understanding of Dafa. Therefore, no matter what environment we live in, we should at least let people know we are Dafa practitioners. In this way we can truly validate the Fa and save more sentient beings.

March 19, 2009