(Clearwisdom.net) On March 9, 2009, Falun Gong practitioner Mr. Wang Yuchang from Anzhuangzi Village, Shoushan Town, Liaoyang County in Liaoning Province, and practitioners Ms. Wang Yaling and Ms. Zhang Jingyan from Bailaowo Village, Shoushan Town were arrested while distributing truth-clarification materials in Liuhao Town. Currently Wang Yuchang is illegally detained in the Liaoyang County Detention Center. The Liaoyang County Police Department also searched their homes and confiscated Falun Gong books and personal belongings. Zhang Jingyan and Wang Yaling were arrested and sentenced. They were both subjected to brutal torture.

n 2000, Wang Yaling and Zhang Jingyan wrote a letter to the government and police department of Liaoyang County, telling them that banning Falun Gong was wrong and illegal. On December 24, 2000, Wang Yaling was illegally sentenced to one and a half years of forced labor by the local government and was forcibly taken to the Masanjia Forced Labor Camp. She was subjected to brutal tortures in the camp, including corporal punishment, beatings, sleep deprivation, and various other torture methods. She lost consciousness from the torture many times. Ms. Wang survived the persecution by holding fast to her belief in Truthfulness-Benevolence-Forbearance. Her sentence in the Masanjia Forced Labor Camp was extended by three months. Later, Ms. Wang's elder brother paid a lot of money to the camp authorities for her release. Ms. Wang also witnessed fellow Falun Gong practitioner Yang Chunfang from Jinzhou City being maimed by torture.

In February 2003, Wang Yaling and Zhang Jingyan were reported to police while they were "clarifying the facts" of the persecution. They were arrested by the Liaoyang County Police. On the second day, they were transferred to the National Security Team of the Baita District Police Department in Liaoyang City. They were cruelly tortured by the officers of the National Security Team. Zhang Jingyan and Wang Yaling were taken to two empty rooms in the police department. They refused to answer the interrogator's questions, and the officers then began torturing them in order to extort a confession.

A plainclothes officer grabbed Zhang Jingyan's hair and forcefully struck her head against the wall and then against the ground. Ms. Zhang still said nothing. The torturer felt many bumps on Ms. Zhang's head, so he did not hit her again. Then another plainclothes officer came up, and the two persecutors twisted Ms. Zhang's arms behind her back and kicked her knees down to the ground. The two officers then lifted Ms. Zhang's arms up, breaking her left arm. The torture paused, and a prison doctor checked Ms. Zhang's arms. He grabbed her broken arm and swung it back and forth, pretending the arm was not broken. A few other plainclothes officers came, tied Ms. Zhang's right arm to her right leg and pushed her down to the ground. They brought two bottles of cold water. One held her nose and the others stepped on her face and body and forcibly poured the cold water into her mouth. After they finished, they started to drag Ms. Zhang on the ground. Finally they saw that none of the brutal torture could make her confess, so they stopped. It was already late in the night. Ms. Zhang was taken back to a detention center where she went on hunger strike to protest the brutal torture and to call for her unconditional release. One week later, Ms. Zhang was beaten so badly that she was completely disfigured. The police had to notify her husband to take Ms. Zhang home. The director of the National Security Team also threatened Ms. Zhang's husband so that he would not reveal the persecution Ms. Zhang experienced. The director said that Ms. Zhang's husband could appeal to wherever he wanted, but it would be useless.

After Zhang Jingyan was sent back to the detention center, officers in the National Security Team started to humiliate and torture the other practitioner, Ms. Wang Yaling. This was in the cold winter. They stripped off Ms. Wang's clothes except her underwear, and then started to torture her. They grabbed her arms and pushed her to the ground. A few people sat on her body. Some knelt on her body. The team leader also berated Ms. Wang. When these methods didn't work, the persecutors started kicking her head, face, and body. Her face was immediately bruised and became swollen. Seeing that this did not work either, the persecutors pulled her up from the ground and forced her to kneel. They put a table on each side of her and put a stick across the tables, and suspended Ms. Wang by her arms on the stick. The tables were high, and Ms. Wang's arms were very painfully twisted. Wang Yaling ground her teeth but still did not submit to the persecutors, who then rolled a narrow rectangular wooden plank back and forth over Ms. Wang's calves. A few persecutors stood on the plank, so the edge would bite into Ms. Wang's flesh. The pain was excruciating, and Ms. Wang immediately passed out.

The persecutors poured a barrel of cold water on Wang Yaling's face to revive her. She then tried to sit up, but her leg was so swollen that she could not even move. Even so, the persecutors rolled the wooden plank on her legs and resumed the torture. She passed out again. The persecutors then poured water on her face and body to wake her up again. They then poured two bottles of hot pepper water into Ms. Wang's mouth and nose. Wang Yaling passed out once again.

From 4:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m., officers of the National Security Team of the Baita District Police Department in Liaoyang City continuously tortured Wang Yaling. In the end, they could not get anything from Ms. Wang. They had to take her back to the detention center. Wang Yaling could not walk and was carried by two men while they transported her to the Liaoyang City Detention Center. In the detention center, she went on hunger strike to protest the persecution.

Meanwhile, the Liaoyang County Police Department and Liaoyang County Court extorted a lot of money from Wang Yaling's family. Nevertheless, the police still detained her for seven months. Clearly, the police's purpose was to extort more money from her family members.

During Wang Yaling's detention, her elderly mother cried every day. The crying impaired her vision. Ms. Wang's two elder sisters were also worried about her so much every day that they contracted hepatitis and other diseases. Ms.Wang's elder brother was almost hit by a car, when his mind was preoccupied with rescuing Ms. Wang.

On July 15, 2005, at about 5:30 a.m., Yan Hongwei, head of the 610 Office in the National Security Team of the Liaoyang County Police Department, and the political instructor Miao Zhensheng led several men to break into Wang Yaling's home. They directly took Wang Yaling to the Liaoyang City Brainwashing Center. Later, Yan Hongwei took Ms. Wang to the detention center again, because she refused to give up her belief in Falun Gong.

The Liaoyang County Court secretly sentenced Wang Yaling to three years in prison without trial. Wang Yaling's family is suffering great agony. Ms. Wang's child lost her mother again. Ms. Wang's over 80 year-old mother went out quietly every night to kneel down on the ground and pray to the heavens to bring her daughter back.

On July 12, 2008, two plainclothes policemen broke into the homes of Falun Gong practitioners Wang Yaling and Zhang Jingyan in Bailaowo Village. Wang Yaling was not at home at the time and her room was locked. The men ordered Wang Yaling's mother-in-law to open the door, but she did not have the key. The police also broke into Zhang Jingyan's home. Ms. Zhang's husband was at home, and was very frightened.

Mr. Wang Yuchang, about 70 years old, was also persecuted in Liaoyang County. He was fined 300 yuan and had another 1,500 yuan extorted from him. While he was detained, his family spent tens of thousands of yuan to bribe the officials in the Liaoyang County Politics and Law Committee of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and the Liaoyang County Police Department. Later the officials asked for more money from Mr. Wang's family. Even so, officer Wu Dong from the Liaoyang County 610 Office and officers Yan Hongwei, Ma Tingli, Wang, Guo Tiemin and others still brutally tortured Mr. Wang Yuchang.

Two young policemen from Liaoyang City Police Department brought Mr. Wang Yuchang to the second floor of the Shoushan Police Department, closed the window blinds and split Mr. Wang's legs 180 degrees apart. They then cuffed Mr. Wang's hands behind his back and used rope to lift him by his cuffed hands. Mr. Wang was in extreme pain and passed out. Officer Yan Hongwei and others watched the entire torture. Mr. Wang was then held at the detention center for a month. He could not walk as a result of the torture. Later he was released. Mr. Wang crawled to the front door of the Liaoyang County Police Department to appeal. His wife was also with him, weeping and telling passersby about the persecution to which her husband was subjected. No official came out to talk. Later more and more passersby surrounded the senior couple and the police became afraid. They secretly called Mr. Wang Yuchang's son to get him to take his parents home.

Falun Gong practitioners in Liaoyang City have been brutally persecuted by the CCP. Some have been forced to become homeless. Some were sentenced to prison or forced labor camps. Many were brutally tortured. Some were sent to a mental hospital and tortured to the point of mental disability. Some were persecuted to death. At least three Falun Gong practitioners from Liaoyang City, Guo Shuyan, Gao Jinling, and Ma Xiukun, died as a result of persecution.