(Clearwisdom.net) Ms. Liang Xiulan is a 43-year-old Falun Gong practitioner in Qianan City, Hebei Province. She is an employee in the Qianan City Central Hospital. She was arrested again around April 1, 2009, and we have no current information about her. Police had arrested Ms. Liang several times and tortured her ruthlessly at a brainwashing center and police station, tortures which included shocking her with electric batons and slapping her in the face.

In May 2008, Ms. Liang was distributing informational materials when someone reported her to police. Policeman Pu Yonglai said to her fiercely, "If we kill you, that is counted as suicide, and it has nothing to do with us. If it is exposed on the Internet it is even better, since police officials would know we are working hard." He handcuffed Ms. Liang's hands separately to two chairs, then he and another policeman each took an electric baton and shocked her for a long time, from head to foot. Another policeman held Ms. Liang so that she could not move. When Pu Yonglai was tired from torturing Ms. Liang, he took a nap. By then, the handcuffs were very tight. Ms. Liang was bleeding and her wrists were swollen.

The next day Ha Fulong and two other people took Ms. Liang to a torture room. He forced Ms. Liang to lie face down and handcuffed her behind the back. A chair was placed on top of her, and one of them sat in it. Another person immobilized Ms. Liang so that she could not move, and two other people each took an electric baton to shock her. The one who sat in the chair shocked Ms. Liang's lower body including her vagina as well as the arches on her feet. The other person shocked her neck and breasts. Ms. Liang had bruises all over her body, especially the arms and legs; those bruises still show. After torturing Ms. Liang, Ha Fulong laughed loudly and went together with others to a nearby restaurant to "celebrate."

Following this incident, Ms. Liang was held in a detention center. Ms. Liang had developed high blood pressure and dizziness since she arrived at the detention center, probably as a result of torture. One day she fell to the ground, twitching with fever. Police eventually let her go. When Ms. Liang's daughter came to pick her up she could barely recognize her.

On the afternoon of September 24, 2008, Qianan City police broke into Ms. Liang's home, arrested her and confiscated her personal belongings. Ms. Liang was sent to Aianan Seed Plant brainwashing center where she went on a hunger strike for nearly 40 days. When being transferred later on to the Qianan City Central Hospital, she was able to escape.

Ms. Liang returned home after she recovered a little, but police came immediately to arrest her. The police asked, "Why did you expose on the Internet how we shocked you, and say that we laughed at you?" Ms. Liang said, "I was not lying. You did that, and now why dare not admit it?" The police then asked Ms. Liang, "Who have you told about this?" She said, "I told whoever I met. I talked about how you tortured me, and about your brutality." The police could not say anything. Finally they asked Ms. Liang, "Where do you want to go--to the detention center or back to Aianan?" She said, "Neither. I want to go home." That is how Ms. Liang went home.

As Ms. Liang had recovered she was prepared to return to work but was once again arrested, which put her family in a very difficult situation. Ms. Liang's husband's stroke made it impossible for him to work, and their daughter is currently attending high school.

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