(Clearwisdom.net) The Licheng District Court in Jinan City, Shandong Province held a session to hear the case of Ms. Zhang Yuying on February 24, 2009. At the court session, two lawyers boldly defended Ms. Zhang Yuying. The judge suddenly announced a recess for half an hour. They did not announce the verdict of the court and hastily ended the session at 3:40 p.m.

On the afternoon of March 18, 2009 the two lawyers went to the Licheng District Court to ask for the verdict about Zhang Yuying's case. They were asked to wait in the reception room. They waited until it was time for the work day to end. The vice presiding judge of the criminal court, Sun Zhiguang (the presiding judge who is responsible for trial of Zhang Yuying's case), was appointed to ask questions about how they were consigned, and at the same time the clerk recorded it. Presiding judge Sun came and went from the room many times, and it seemed that he was consulting with someone else when he left the room. Lawyer Li answered some questions and refused to answer other questions. Finally when Sun Zhiguang asked lawyer Li to sign, Li said that he could sign, but that he needed a copy of the document. They dared not be exposed, so they did not force Li to sign his name.

On the afternoon of March 19, Sun Zhiguang used old tactics and called lawyer Mo many times and asked him to go to the court so the judge could question him. Because this was illegal manipulation, lawyer Mo ignored him.

Responsible Persons:

The Licheng District Court in Jinan City, Shandong Province
Address: Erhuan East Road 3260, Jinan City, 250100
Licheng District Court Telephone Exchange: 86-531-88038696, 86-531-88038696 (Fax)
Sun Zhaoyun, Court Head, 86-531-88038881 (Office), 86-531-88038081 (Home)
Wang Hongbing, Deputy Head, 86-531-88900656 (Office), 86-531-88905625 (Home), 86-13853110585 (Cell)
Wang Rusheng, Deputy Head, 86-531-88900786 (Office), 86-531-88016322 (Home)
Wang Mingmao, Deputy Head, 86-531-88910186 (Office), 86-531-88910905 (Home)
Teng Shengru, Deputy Head, 86-531-88038528 (Office), 86-531-88900321 (Home), 86-13905313897 (Cell)
Cao Kezhen, Deputy Head, 86-531-88025342 (Office), 86-531-88952972 (Home)
Wang Jibao, Deputy Head, 86-531-88168116 (Office), 86-531-88901033 (Home), 86-13583180867 (Cell)
Zheng Yu, Former Court Head, 86-531-89939100 (Office), 86-531-86598278 (Home), 86-13553155007 (Cell)
Li Baoqian, Deputy Head, 86-531-89939105 (Office), 86-531-81901696 (Home), 86-15966053216 (Cell)
Huang Duyong, Deputy Head, 86-531-89939106 (Office), 86-531-88915123 (Home), 86-13370587111 (Cell)
Wang Wenfang, Deputy Head, 86-531-89939107 (Office), 86-531-88169086 (Home), 86-13853110296 (Cell)
Yi Guangjun, Deputy Head, 86-531-89939108 (Office), 86-531-88908935 (Home), 86-15953178666 (Cell)
Zhao Jianguo, Political Division Head, 86-531-89939176 (Office), 86-531-88168156 (Home), 86-13615319176 (Cell)

March 28, 2009