In early February 2009, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) Police and National Security Department in Jiamusi City, Heilongjiang Province, under the direction of the Heilongjiang Province Police Department, used the excuse of "guaranteeing security" for the World Winter Universiade to start a new round of persecution of Falun Gong. From February 8, 2009, until now, nearly twenty practitioners and their family members have been arrested, including a disabled practitioner, Liu Xiaobin, who was arrested on February 17, 2009. He has been illegally detained in the Jiamusi City Detention Center.

Mr. Liu Xiaobin, 55 years old, was a former employee of the Jiamusi Paper Mill Co., Ltd. He fell off a six-meter-high transport truck carrying raw materials and became completely paraplegic. His wife then divorced him. Since he had heard about Falun Dafa, the desperate Liu Xiaobin started practicing it. First he sat on a chair to practice the exercises. Later, he could stand up. Finally, he did not need a cane to walk anymore. Although, he was still lame, he could tend to his own needs. Before he started to practice Falun Gong, he had a bad temper and bad habits, such as smoking, drinking, and playing mahjong. After he started to practice Falun Gong, he held himself to the principles of the Fa, and he gave up all his bad habits. Everyone that knew him praised the miracle of Falun Dafa after seeing his dramatic changes.

In February 2000, Mr. Liu headed to Beijing to appeal on behalf of Falun Dafa but was arrested halfway there. He was detained in the Jiamusi Detention Center for two months and was released only after 2,000 yuan was extorted from him. He was full of scabies and had pus all over him when he got home.

In July 2001, the former police station in the Jiamusi Paper Mill Co., Ltd, and the Dongfeng District Police Department confiscated Mr. Liu Xiaobin's home. A practitioner who temporarily lived in his home was forcibly arrested and held in the detention center. Mr. Liu ran away from his neighbor's home during the night with his neighbor's help. The CCP then issued a citywide arrest warrant for him. Liu Xiaobin was forced to become destitute and homeless for eight years. His employer also withheld all his wages for that time.

During this time, the Dongfeng District Police Department frequently went to the home of Mr. Liu's elderly parents to harass them and try to force them to turn in their son. The police also frequently subpoenaed Mr. Liu Xiaobin's child, which caused the boy great mental anguish. His child also suffered from not being able to pay his tuition fees for school. He went to his father's employer to ask for help with the tuition fees and living expenses. The employer, however, did not respond.

Liu Xiaobin suffered the hardships of leading a destitute and homeless life. He did not have any income. Walking was very difficult as both of his legs were lame. In order to avoid being captured, he frequently stayed at one place for one day and went to another place the next day. He frequently did not have enough to eat. Those who allowed him to temporarily stay in their homes were also not very happy, since they were afraid of being implicated. Once he stayed at his schoolmate's home for two months. The police heard the news and immediately went to his schoolmate's home. They threatened his schoolmate to turn him in. Mr. Liu had to change his residence again.

By February 4, 2005, during the Chinese New Year, Liu Xiaobin had been destitute and homeless for a long time. He missed and worried about his elderly parents at home, his young son, and his two brothers. He went home for a quick visit with his family. But his younger brother and sister-in-law wanted him to stay for dinner before he left. In order to comfort his family, he stayed for dinner. But before they finished eating, officers from the Jiadong Police Station connected to the Jiadong District Police Department followed and caught him. Mr. Liu was arrested and sentenced to forced labor for two years. He was imprisoned in Xigemu Forced Labor Camp in Jiamusi City.

On June 25, 2008, after 8 a.m., four to five agents from the Changsheng Police Station with the Jiadong Police Department in Jiamusi City broke into his mother's home. Claiming to be "welcoming the Olympic Games," they confiscated her home without showing any warrant. This kind of harassment of Liu Xiaobin's family members has happened frequently.

On the afternoon of February 17, 2009, at about 4 p.m. practitioner Ms. Shan Yuqin arrived at Liu Xiaobin's apartment. She noticed two vehicles parked outside the building, each one full of people. On top of one vehicle was a disk-shaped device. As soon as she went inside the door, she heard someone rushing to knock on the door. Soon afterwards, a group of people crawled from the balcony window into the room. More than ten people broke into the room, including the police from the National Security Team of the Xiangyang District Police Department in Jiamusi City. The police asked many questions and registered all the personal belongings one by one, including a laptop, two printers, a color printer, a scudding knife, a drill machine, three MP3 players, an e-book reader, Zhuan Falun books, and 2600 yuan. Soon, Officer Chen Wanyou and others from the Jiamusi City Police Department arrived. They arrested Mr. Liu Xiaobin and took him to the Xinli Police Station. Two days later, he was taken to the Jiamusi City Detention Center.

Liu Xiaobin's father and younger brother are paraplegic and cannot take care of themselves. The burden of the family is on his mother. Two days before Mr. Liu was arrested, officers from the Jiadong Police Station went to her home to harass her and inquire about Liu Xiaobin's whereabouts. After he was arrested, his mother went to the Jiadong Police Station, the Jiamusi City Police Department, the Jiamusi City 610 Office, the Xiangyang District Police Department, the Xiangyang District National Security Department, the Xinli Police Station, and the detention center to inquire as to her son's whereabouts and current situation. The CCP officials shirked their responsibility and blamed others. The fatigue and mental anguish made her mentally and physically exhausted.

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