(Clearwisdom.net) Over the past weeks I did not sleep less than usual, but for some reason I was very sleepy when I was studying the Fa or sending forth righteous thoughts. Sometimes I was too tired and I had to stand up when sending forth righteous thoughts. I could not calm down and I felt sleepy as soon as I closed my eyes. What should I do? Another practitioner who studies the Fa with me was in the same predicament -- sometimes better and sometimes worse. The practitioner suggested we look inward.

I felt that there must be something wrong, something we needed to dig up. I remembered an article on "Minghui Weekly" that described a practitioner whose third eye was open and saw evil beings in other dimensions celebrating when they saw practitioners' hands held in the wrong position while sending forth righteous thoughts. Then, when I sent forth righteous thoughts to help rescue arrested practitioners, during the five minutes of cleaning myself, I sent a strong thought: "I am a Falun Dafa practitioner and I'm here to help in Teacher's Fa Rectification. It is me who is eliminating evil lives in the universe. They can't disturb me, and they can only be eliminated."

Gradually, I felt an energy field surrounding me. During the first 40 minutes of the sitting meditation, my legs hurt badly. I relaxed a little bit and the pain eased up. A little while later I was again in pain. I thought: the pain does not belong to me. I do not admit it. I used my thoughts to look for rotten ghosts and meddling deities and destroy them. I sent forth righteous thoughts for 75 minutes and I was not sleepy at all.

From this experience I understood that one thought determines whether one is a God or a human. Doing the three things should not only remain on the surface. In order to really do them well, we need to keep strong righteous thoughts at times, as Teachers told us.

I'm writing this to share my thoughts with practitioners who get sleepy when studying the Fa or sending righteous thoughts. Let's progress together and fulfill our duty as practitioners', which includes sending forth righteous thoughts. Let our thoughts be truly righteous. We should eliminate all evil that disturbs the Fa Rectification and we must not allow it to control us!

Please point out anything improper.

March 28, 2009