(Clearwisdom.net) I usually distribute Shen Yun DVDs in person. When I give them to people I know or to the people I frequently meet at the same place, I always say, "Please return this to me after you finish with it." I feel that people will pay more attention to the DVDs that way. Also, this way, I can also pass the DVDs on to others.

I told one person to "quit the CCP organizations" several times, but he did not want to quit no matter what I said. When I gave him the Shen Yun DVD, he was pleased to accept it. When I asked him the next time, he quickly withdrew from the CCP. When he returned my DVD, he said, "I watched it all night. It's really great. It's so pure." He started to respect me after that. He used to tease me a lot because I firmly believe in Falun Gong. I was amazed at the effect the Shen Yun show has had on him.

One time I handed a Shen Yun DVD to a person and gave him a brief introduction. He wanted to pay me, but I refused. Then he insisted, so I took ten yuan and then he accepted the DVD. He said he always enjoys reading Falun Gong truth clarification material. One time he picked up a "Shimen Spring" flyer from a bridge in Shijiazhuang City. A policeman wanted to arrest him. He was released after an old lady who sells ice cream nearby testified that he merely picked up the flyer off the bridge. After the policeman left, he went back to the bridge to look for another flyer. He said that the CCP is very irrational. "How could the CCP persecute people just because they have a belief? People can only believe in the CCP's stuff, not in other things?" Later I ran into him again and asked, "Did you watch the DVD?" He replied, "It is really great. The program 'Heaven Awaits Us Despite Persecution' touched my heart."

A government official told me, "It's really good. The scenery is big, and the lighting, background, music and costumes are really good. We cannot find such a good performance in China."

The response from people in all walks of life has been positive. I wanted to write this down to encourage fellow practitioners to come out to distribute Shen Yun DVDs. This is to conform to Master's directions.